Should Your Website Accept Online Payments?

Consumer confidence in making online purchases and payments has increased vastly as security measures have improved over the years. Concerns of fraud have decreased as the numbers of incidences have.

If you are in the business of selling a product or service, there is absolutely no reason not to accept mobile payments via your website.

Here are some helpful factors to consider when looking at implementing this option for your customers, and reasons why it makes sense to do so:

Consider the calculated consumer.
Someone visits your brick-and-mortar store and loves a particular product, but decides not to buy on impulse. She needs to think this one through.
So she goes home and simply can’t get the product off of her mind (this is a good sign!).
Unfortunately, she doesn’t have time to go back to the store. So she thinks to go to your website instead to purchase the product. You’d better have the ability for her to do so, or you may have just lost the sale to someone who does.

Remember the environment your customers do!
More and more consumers are paying all of their bills online. Part of this comes as a result of the green movement- fewer bills in the mail means less paper is consumed. Not having to write checks is another way to save paper and money, and the exercise seems more and more to be one of antiquation. As a business who accepts the payment of bills online, you are saving yourself and your customer the hassle of additional paperwork and an overflowing recycle bin.

Accept online payments…and help save some of these!

Payment is far more immediate.
Think of the time it takes to print out and mail a bill to a customer, wait for them to open the bill, write a check, and mail it to you. You receive the payment days later and then have to deposit it in the bank when it is convenient for you (and it is not).

By emailing the bill to the customer, not only is it a reminder to them to pay the bill, but they can also easily click through the email to your website and do so immediately if you accept online payments. Now, this is no guarantee that your customer is going to pay the bill on time…but it certainly will put the control at their fingertips rather than relying on them having to have their checkbook, an envelope, and a stamp around to make this whole transaction take place.

online payments
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Important to consider – use a trusted payment method.
Using a trusted payment method is an important factor in converting sales on your website.
PayPal is a great example of one such trusted payment method. Consumers recognize this online payment method as being reputable and safe.
In addition, many consumers already have PayPal accounts, so the transaction becomes that much more seamless and therefore likely. Sometimes pulling out one’s credit card and having to type in all of those numbers feels like a bit of a nuisance, so having the PayPal option as a form of payment in addition to being able to accept a credit card can be the difference between making a sale and not doing so.

Many sites that allow online transactions will also show that they have an SSL Certificate to prove that transactions on their site are safe (VeriSign provides the most common version of this). Proof of this (by simply showing the VeriSign logo, for example) can simply put a customer at ease that their data will be protected.

Make sure you offer a trusted online payment method!

In short, allowing your customers the option of paying for your product or service online can expedite the sale or payment of a bill, is better for the environment, and customers are beginning to simply expect this option (assuming it feels safe to them). So stay modern, business owners, and start enabling those online transactions today!

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from health and wellness to digital marketing strategy.

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  1. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Yes, I agree that using a trusted payment method is an important factor in converting sales on any website. I personally use PayPal for my services though I do not sell any product directly through my website yet.

    Implementing other Payment Gateways like Visa and Master is a great idea as well and adds to the consumer confidence in the website’s ability to function as a trusted e-commerce website.

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing!

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