Bringing humor in your online business advertisements effectively

Susan Smith knows a lot about online business advertisements.

And about getting attention to get your ads read.

She also knows how to add a touch of humor in your advertising, to lighten the message.

That’s why I publish her guest post today.
Here’s Susan, explaining.


humor in online business advertisements
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Advertising is all about getting attention.

One of the best ways of getting attention through advertising is adding humor.

Humor in online advertising is more than effective when applied correctly. The power of humor is undeniable. Humor can add an interesting touch to your dry business advertisements.

People are likely to appreciate humorous advertisements. However following certain guidelines is essential while adding humor to your online business advertisements.

Advertising humor is the most effective when used with recognized and commonly bought products. Humor in online advertising works well for business services, well known items and products.

However corporate image and industrial advertising are no easy jobs. It is advisable not to apply advertising humor to unknown, risky, costly and sensitive products.

Moreover humor in online advertising should be such that it suits your audience well.

Humor should be easily understandable by the target audience. Care should be taken to ensure that the audience gets the joke well.
While elderly people are likely to understand your satire and irony, young and immature audience is more than likely not to get it.
Young audience can mostly be expected to understand slapstick humor or childish cartoons.
Moreover there is considerable risk of online advertising humor backfiring at you. Making a joke at the expense of a particular group is quite likely to alienate that group.

While bringing humor in online business advertisements, one must be product specific.
Often it so happens that people get so indulged in a funny advertisement that they almost forget or ignore the product or service being advertised.
Care should be taken to ensure that the humor is very directly related to your business. Be careful not to use humor for its own sake. The humor should be relevant to your objective. Humor should be such that it engages the imagination of your customers.

While adding humor to your online business advertisements, it must be kept in mind that humor has quite a short life. A joke which appears to be funny when heard or viewed for the first time gradually loses the interest of the audience.

When viewing a funny advertisement for the second time, many people might not find it funny anymore. Hence care should be taken to replace the funny ads on regular basis. That is to say, funny ads have to be replaced much more often than ordinary advertisements.

The humor you bring may be thought provoking but you must make sure that your humor is not offensive.

After you have prepared your advertisement, it is highly recommended that you contact a marketing professional and ask him to go through your advertisement copy.

You must also do some homework on your customers. You need to know your customers inside out in order to add humor effectively to your online business advertisements.

If done properly, adding humor to your online business advertisements can take you a great deal ahead in competition.

Susan Smith is a Wholesale expert and has a good understanding of supply chain management. She writes frequently for Wholesalers on topics related to blogging, internet marketing, ecommerce and dropshipping.


So, what’s your take on humor in online business advertisements?
Post your comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Bringing humor in your online business advertisements effectively

  1. Donald says:

    Susan hit it right on the head when she said to not duplicate humor in your ads. I used something twice that was really funny the first time, but totally bombed with my customers the second time around. I have found, by the way, that humor around holidays works best for me.
    My biggest problem is finding humor that does not offend someone.

  2. Rick says:

    I never thought about using humor in my advertisements. I have always taken a more serious business approach. I agree that you have to be careful when using humor, but I may have to lighten up a little and monitor the results. Thanks!

  3. Nick says:

    Couldn’t agree more. No-one notices ads anymore..not through choice, but through sub-concious ad blindness..
    you can recognise an ad without looking at it, so you don’t look. Humour is a fantastic tool and should be used wherever appropriate. OR, am I wrong? Could humour be used for advertising something traditionally humourless, eg funeral directors? Would take a very brave CEO to make that call 🙂

  4. miel says:

    it is not bad to have humor in advertising but we should have a right timing that the consumers may not be offended. humor in advertising may bring big impact to consumers that they would be interested or not.

  5. webmaster says:

    I always knew humor can be involved with online business, but I wasn’t knowing the way to do it. After reading this article I came to know some interesting ways to do it.


  6. rese says:

    hello susan,
    you are absolutely right..Advertising is all about getting attention…and in todays era without humor no one like to see any advertisement..great topic you have took and put here your excellent view..great post!!

  7. Green says:

    Small businesses do not really have much of a budget for advertising. You cannot beat the big companies if you are a small company. This is a very big handicap and keeps the small companies from marketing themselves to new customers and growing into a big company. However you can do free online business advertising if you know the right tools.

    • Case Stevens says:

      On the contrary: small businesses have an advantage over big ones, because they know their local market much better. If they use that knowledge in a smart way, they can easily outperform any multinational.

  8. Mark Howard says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Traditional advertising strategies are considered a thing of the past. If you look at youtube, Ad agencies all over the world are constantly reinventing how to catch customer senses while still maintaining the balance to explain what their product or service is all about. With the picture posted, how can I not trust the guy? He knows what he is doing. He sits on it all throughout his driving :)A very nice topic.

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