How To Easily Multiply Your $100 A Day

Soon after Willie Crawford posted his question about ‘How To Make $100 A Day’ in the private area of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, the idea of a group project was born and I jumped on it immediately.

I will reveal the reasons why later, because in this post I want to concentrate on how you can easily multiply your $100 a day.

(For now, all I can reveal is that, due to the success of this project, there are more group efforts planned, so if you join now, you can participate in a successful joint venture.)

All right, back to today’s topic to multiply your daily income of $100.

You see, to participate in the 20 step-by-step blueprints for making $100 a day from home, one of the first rules of the joint project was, that authors should have been doing what they preach. Which meant, that they only should write about a method to make $100 a day if they really had done that themselves.

That rule brought me in trouble and here’s why.

I am very reluctant to use only one method to achieve my goals.
It’s like putting all your eggs into one basket. That’s not good and I seldom do that.

Now, I could have written the chapter about email marketing, writing articles, affiliate marketing, public domain, resell rights or private label rights, because I’ve done all these. And I’m still doing them daily.

But I would not have been able to put an exact daily figure on these methods!

Because I use them all! I mix them and here’s why: it increases my online income!

One of the few things that I was able to put an exact figure on was niche marketing.

I’ve done that in the past, using my method as described in
“20 Ways To Make $100 a Day Part-Time On The Internet”
(well, I used Overture back then, but that isn’t reliable any more, so I replaced it by the Google Keyword tool).

I monetized these sites I created by initially using Adsense and gradually add other income streams from appropriate affiliate programs.

But this method also allows you to create other income streams by just putting email marketing to work.
All you need is an enticing squeeze page to have people subscribe to your topic and a full year (or even two year) autoresponder series sending out one valuable article a week.

Now, I KNOW it’s a pain in the butt to create such series, but if you really concentrate and focus on this job, you can have a great high value series in less than a couple of days. One way to do this fast is by using great Private Label Right products.

And if you have a great autoresponder series, all you do next is weave a nice affiliate link into the messages once or twice a month and presto…

you’ve just doubled your income!

Based on the clicks your individual messages generate, you can tweak your series a bit to improve the click-thru rates and there you have another income stream.

Fully automated! Never have to lift a finger again!
It doesn’t come easier than this. 🙂

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