Huge opportunity, right under your nose but you don’t see it

When I was attending the JV Alert in Philadelphia last year, I talked several times with a sweet, young lady.

She had a very ‘nice-to-listen-to’ accent, so I asked her were she originally came from. It was the Ukraine.
But she left her country in 1992 and went to the US.

Her name was Milana, and she amazed me on several occasions showing her knowledge of coaching other people. It was immediately obvious that she was an EXPERT in coaching.

So, what has this meeting to do with you?

Well, Milana, can tell you (as no one else can) how to coach your customers.

“Is that important” you may ask?

Yes, it is. Because by coaching your customers you open up yet another (huge) stream of income that is lying right in front of you without using it.

You only have to grab the opportunity!


Well, Milana just published a book about how you can quickly and easily grow your business doing just that.

It’s called “Coaching Millions” and shows you step by step how to leverage your business growth.

A simple six step process to:

— Help more people

— Make a lot more revenue

— Live your ultimate lifestyle

Brian Tracy called “Coaching Millions”:

“.. the best single book ever written on
how to be successful in coaching”

I’m recommending that every coach get a copy of “Coaching Millions”.

I’m also recommending that anyone not yet using coaching as the ultimate high ticket information product get a copy.
Even if you “know it”.. this book contains simple explanations you can use in training others and leveraging any business.

I’ve joined with dozens of others to help author Milana Leshinsky tell the world about this wonderful book. We have each donated a gift.

Get your copy today to get a special bonus gift package as we tell millions about “Coaching Millions”.

Do this today.. Go here!

As you think of others who should be making a higher levels of income from there expertise, drop them a note or just forward this email message.

Better yet.. use the Amazon gift option and send them a copy of “Coaching Millions”

Imagine the joy you’ll feel when they achieve their dreams using the knowledge from this book.

Download your copy now.

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