Why mobile marketing will never be as effective as Internet Marketing

Mobile marketing is gaining attention of many marketers.

It’s getting more and more popular these days.

But would you do mobile marketing?
And maybe give up Internet marketing?

In fact, how does mobile marketing compare to Internet marketing?

Natasha Mesty has some answers and that’s why I publish her guest post today.
Here goes.

mobile marketing
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Over the years the advancement in the technology has boosted and benefited the field of marketing.

Now, you’ve got a trillion ways to effectively market an idea, product, or a service. It’s not just about the television, newspaper and radio ads any more. A number of different mediums have been added to the list of available mediums, and these new ones are proven to be very effective for promotional purposes.

First it was Internet, and now it is the mobile marketing, which is getting the attention of businesses, and some marketing professionals believe that mobile marketing will soon take over the internet marketing because of a constant growth in the number of users who are surfing the web from their smart phones.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion; however there are some factors that suggest that mobile marketing is not going to be as effective as web marketing as far as ROI (return on investment) is concerned.
Let’s take a look at some of these factors …


The characteristics and the features available for the marketers are very limited, especially when we compare them to the various mediums and tools available to the web marketers.
For example, the interface in many instances is very limited and quite often, the operating systems on smart phones do not support browsers. This limitation can lead to a problem where the user will not be able to see or access some features.

Whenever a customer tries to look into the details of the product or service you are looking to promote, they need to have a wider screen and a joystick, which might not be available in the customers’ sets.

These limitations can also create problems for the developers and designers, because the viewing size for every user varies and so do the browser, and the operating system.

Privacy Issues:

Remember, many people think of mobile phones as a private device, and not many users will appreciate the idea of having to deal with lots of advertisements while surging the internet.

Also remember that many users will get on to the internet in search of some quick information, in such cases getting ads on a mobile phone may turn out to be a little too irritating for the consumers, in fact it will create a negative impact instead of fulfilling the purposes of promotion.


Despite of an amazing momentum of progress, both in terms of devices and the operating software, the internet surfing is not very convenient for the users, especially when we compare the surfing on mobile phones with internet surfing on computers or laptops.

When we compare all of these limitations and restrictions with conventional Internet marketing, we can see that the marketing professionals don’t have to worry that much about the interface and the operating systems requirements.
The ever increasing popularity of social networks has made Internet marketing even more favorable. It is quite a far fetched idea to suggest that people who access internet through their mobile phones will supersede those who are logging in from their computers or laptops.
We can safely assume that even though mobile marketing will continue to grow little by little, it is not going to take the place of conventional internet marketing anytime soon.

Natasha Mesty writes for Extreme Sports Trader, which is offering flip flops at amazing rates.


So far Natasha’s guest post.
What’s your take on mobile marketing?
Post your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Why mobile marketing will never be as effective as Internet Marketing

  1. Tap says:

    I believe that people just got overwhelmed when they have found that smartphones can literally do hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks other than make phone calls. We don’t need to look up directions, add things in our heads, call the theater for movie times, or even watch the news for the weather. All of these things are available with one click of out smartphone. If you lost in a foreign country or even an unfamiliar town you can use Google Maps to navigate you in the right direction. If you are trying to decide between a few restraints why not look reviews up on your phone? And believe it or not there are apps where you can locate your friends and see what they are doing right at this moment in time. Not only do smartphones make your life easier they can make it more exciting by picking and choosing what friend you want to go hang out with by looking up what they are currently doing.

    • Case Stevens says:

      >>And believe it or not there are apps where you can locate your friends and see what they are doing right at this moment in time.
      Smart thinking!

  2. John says:

    Mobile marketing when used correctly can be the difference between a business surviving and going under.
    if you’re in an emergency and need a number fast you’re not going to boot up the PC and search for a solution and the chances of receiving an email solving your problem just isn’t going to happen, but if you have a smart phone one quick search and you’ve got a number and a device to call that number. Market mobile correctly and get with the program, understand your customers and how they find you is the key to any marketing.

  3. Frankie says:

    I’d have to respectively disagree. If you look at some of the “3rd world” countries, the cell phone saturation is unreal. I think at least for local searches where a map is relevant, mobile marketing will be larger.

  4. Amanda says:

    I have to agree – mobile marketing isn’t as exciting right now as everyone says. The technology has a long way to go before smartphone users have access to the same features as a web browser on a laptop or desktop. But smartphone technology is always improving, and I think there is a future for mobile marketing – but that future is probably at least a few years away.

  5. MO says:

    Yes I have to agree with posts 5 & 6 as much as im also in your gang and the points you make. We can’t ignore the fact that mobile marketing is the biggest growth area in marketing over say the next 4/5 years.

    You have to also bear in mind which business sectors and age groups you are thinking of targetig for mobile marketing to be effective at the moment.

    I think John hits the nail on the head and with Social Media ruling our lives, mobile marketing goes hand in hand with this.

    Intersting post though. Well done and Thanks

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