Marketing Humor on Saturday Night

Here’s a commercial of one of the (two) Internet providers in Belgium.

Their slogan can be loosely translated as: “Life is good when you know that you are the fastest”.

While the clip is funny and delivers the message, it also radiates a bit of the typical monopolist’s arrogance.

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8 thoughts on “Marketing Humor on Saturday Night

  1. This video teach me one think – Speed is not enough, you must have the hunger to use it.

  2. Medicare Supplement Broker says:

    I found this ad to be humorous which I think is always good in advertisements. Most of the ads for the two major internet service providers in our area are pretty lame often resorting to attacking the other. As billion dollar companies that own the market, the least they could do is make watchable ads like this one.

  3. Free Backlink List says:

    This is a pretty funny and quite cute video. Thanks for your sharing.
    BTW, speed is really slow.

  4. SEO wizz says:

    I kind of like the advert, nothing wrong with a little arrogance here and there 🙂


  5. Myra Manning says:

    Definitely an effective ad. I always find it interesting to see ads from outside the United States. I’ve noticed in the past that the production values are often lower than those produced for American audiences; not so with this one to be sure. In fact, the simple proof would be that I generally understood the commercial without even speaking the language. (And I don’t mind a little arrogance either.)

  6. Home & Garden Decor Accents says:

    If that ad won’t draw customers I don’t know either.
    I agree with Myra Manning, it’s nice and interesting to see some ads from outside the US. When I was living back in Germany I watched a lot of TV and of course TV ads from the surrounding countries and it’s a fun to compare them. Germany had even an own TV show only showing the funniest TV commercials.

  7. website design says:

    Arrogance is hugely cliche,, the priority of any creative niche should be style, and humor could come handy too…This add is humorous first, arrogance???I do not see much of that?

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