Make SIX Figures A Year Writing Garbage

I received an email today that started as follows (I used copy and paste):

“Dear Case,
My head is still spinning. My friend in LA just tod me that websites need articles so bad write now if you have a 6th grade education you can bank 300-400 bones a day just scratching out OK content.”

Well, that one caught my eye immediately.

I mean, apart from the words that were used. As you may know, English isn’t my first language, but I can do better than that, I hope.

Assuming that ‘bones’ was the slang equivalent of dollars (I couldn’t find that one in my most used, free desktop software WordWeb), I just got curious as to how you can make $400 a day ‘just scratching out OK content’.

You see, the subject line of the email was: “Case, Can You Write a Stupid Blog? Then Get Paid”. The rest of the email said:

“They don’t really even care how good it is. Thats the weird part. It’s just filler to build up their sites.
If you really can write you can make double that. But even novice like me can make as much as an RN at the kitchen table.
Check out this full story.”

And then a tiny url link.

Yeeeeeehaaa, “I can make double that”.
I guess, that means double the 300-400 bones, which I still think are dollars.

Eight Hundred Bones huh?

Right now I’m involved in Willie Crawford’s Inner Circle to create an Ebook on how to make $100 a day by people who actually DO that.
Eight Hundred Bones is eight times more! That’s not bad for one day. Certainly if you only have to write eh… well, let’s call it ‘filler’.

Are you getting suspicious yet?

Ah ah, not me! I clicked the link.

You then see the service’s home page. It says
Get Paid To Write Simple Articles $25-40
Get Paid To Post In Blogs $15-$50
$450 Per Story.
Get Started NOW

The tab links at their home page do not work. The only thing you can do there is Step 1 from 3: Create Your Login Info.

So …. I did Step 1! Anxious to get in.

The next page says that my profile is created and tells me how much I can earn. Up to SIX figures and some members make $250 a day working only a few hours.
To me that seems hard to do if an article only pays ten bucks. That means writing 25 articles in a couple of hours. Now, I realize I’m slow, but that seems quite an accomplishment to me.

On top of that, it’s still far away from the 800 bones! Maybe bones aren’t dollars?

Now, making $250 a day doesn’t create a SIX figure income, not even in a year working EVERY day. So to generate a SIX figure income, you have to work much harder. And crank out more articles than the 25 already.

Now I am getting suspicious!

But then, suddenly, there’s a paragraph that asks me if I qualify to be a Free Lance Home Worker. And that one seriously aroused a deep feeling of anger (isn’t that the political correct term for getting pissed off?).

Because…. I can’t qualify! You have to be

“…a native English speaker. It doesnโ€™t matter if you are a College or even a High school drop-out. As long as English is your first language then you can make money on the internet writing!”

Dammit, !@#$%^&, I can write better emails than those few lines I got from a native speaker and I don’t qualify!

I should have known better. I first must learn to write emails like the one above. Maybe then I’ll qualify.
It’s back to my home courses.

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2 thoughts on “Make SIX Figures A Year Writing Garbage

  1. Willie Crawford says:

    I received several of those emails too but resisted the urge to check them out. My dog is to spoiled to need bones ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our ebook is going to SERIOUSLY raise the bar. When I read
    just the drafts of a few of the chapters, I actually found
    myself wanting to take notes and integrate what was
    being taught into my own marketing… this was especially
    the case in the software chapter the Kenth wrote. It’s
    answered all of those little nagging questions that I’d
    had but never thought to ask.

    I will certainly feel good knowing that WE actually
    empowered a lot of struggling individuals to finally
    earn an honest living online ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Case Stevens says:

    Willie, I just couldn’t resist checking out this one!

    Mohamad: Beats me!

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