Make money affiliate marketing a winning strategy?

Many people say, in order to make money affiliate marketing is the easiest way to go.

That may be true, because that route doesn’t mean creating and maintaining your own products and dealing with payments, refunds and other service matters.

But affiliate marketing isn’t that easy. You need to consider quite a few things.

Neil R. Williams of Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program has written about a few important matters concerning affiliate marketing in today’s guest post.
Read them carefully, so you can increase your chances to success.


make money affiliate marketing
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Make money affiliate marketing – Is it the winning strategy for any web marketer?

As per recent researches, the US affiliate marketing is soon predicted to reach the pinnacle of success, generating revenues worth $4 billion by 2014.

If you’re an online marketer and your web marketing portfolio does not still include affiliate marketing, it’s high time that you reconsider your options.
Make money affiliate marketing in 2011 will necessitate more effort but should also lead to higher residual commissions for those who put in the right amount of effort that is needed to start off with it.

An online research suggests that

  1. affiliate marketing spending presently accounts for 10% of the entire online spending and
  2. it has also been deciphered that the consumers who shop through the affiliate links spend 8% more than the average consumer and
  3. are 20% more likely to have higher household incomes (often more than $75,000), when compared to the average internet shopper.

With the widespread use of the internet, affiliate marketing has a higher ROI in contrast to other online marketing channels.

If you’re someone who is looking for a prompt-response online marketing program where you only pay based on the performance, affiliate marketing is the best answer for you.

Being a super affiliate – The success tips that may help you make the cut
Various affiliate marketing experts have given their valuable predictions for make money affiliate marketing in 2011 and has separated the marketers into two specific groups.

The first group is the wannabes who have taken the plunge to make millions with no effort or experience.
The other is the serious marketers whose intention is building a stable source of income by being a super affiliate.

Here are some success tips to follow.

  1. Recognizing your audience

    The best way to use the affiliate programs and make them work in favor of you is by anticipating and meeting the needs of the readers.

    Determine why they’re coming to your website and whether you’re able to provide them with what they’re looking for.
    Also make sure the affiliate product that your website is promoting provides an effective solution to the visitor’s problems.

  2. Locating a unique niche

    Don’t try to offer everything under the sun to your visitors as this is the most common mistake that the novices commit.
    Instead, focus on a particular niche market. Scattering your efforts may have a detrimental impact on your returns. Promote your product and sell it well.

  3. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket

    Try and promote products from multiple merchants as you can be certain about the returns.
    If you have a problem with a particular merchant whose products are not being converted well, the effect on your business will be negligible.
    Protect yourself so that you don’t feel the ‘famine effect’ if something goes wrong.

  4. Provide high quality content and links

    You need to provide high quality content on the website of the merchant company that is relevant to what the affiliate program is offering.
    Ideally, the affiliate program links must also blend with the content, not deceptively and must also not disrupt the rhythm of the web pages.

Affiliate marketing predictions – Can you create your niche in 2011?
2010 had been a brutal year for most affiliate marketers as scores of people dropped out of the membership sites and response to mailings had also decreased.

However, it’s 2011 and merely triggering human emotions and turning a click into a conversion will perhaps not going to make the cut.

The banner click-through rates had hit an all time low in 2010 and that’s why online marketers are allocating loads of money for designing creative banners in 2011.

As the online marketing landscape has changed, you may witness a shift towards tactical reach rather than frequency in 2011. Try make your ads look like ads and implement richer media to your creatives.

A crucial part of search engine marketing is blogging and the easier they are to optimize, the more they’ll generate traffic through RSS and links.

2011 will demand user-generated content as the most lucrative weapon for augmenting your online money making opportunities.

Also make use of audio and videos, as according to a survey, about 60% people claimed to have watched online videos and engaged in some sort of response activity.
Thus, if you want to amplify your landing page, implement good videos.

If you’re interested in make money affiliate marketing educate yourself on the secret tips to becoming a successful affiliate by following the points mentioned above.

Remember that it takes knowledge and effort to succeed with affiliate programs.
Just don’t fall into the outrageous claims and don’t plan to quit your day job right away to start off with your affiliate marketing business.

Neil R. Williams is an Internet marketer, a financial consultant and a blogger. He writes articles on financial and Internet marketing niche.

What’s your take or experience?
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2 thoughts on “Make money affiliate marketing a winning strategy?

  1. VersieC says:

    Very important not to rush number one. Take your time and see who and why would they buy the products you’d promote. The point at number 1 goes hand in hand with 2, which is finding the niche. I highly recommend finding a niche you’re passionate about, maybe related to your hobbies.

    By doing that you won’t feel like it’s “work” when having to update the website with new offers. Other than that it’s work work work until it will finally pay off. I know of affiliate marketers that saw results only after 1 year but they never gave up. They always kept themselves motivated by reading about successful people, like Bill Gates or Yuri Mintskovsky and sometimes tried to replicate their techniques and steps.

    Good luck and never give up!

  2. Affiliate marketing is a narrower part of online (or internet) marketing. That is why it is alike with internet marketing in some methods, tools and strategies. However, it is more important to define those features which make affiliate marketing unique and provide that special scheme of affiliate marketing functioning.

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