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In case you don’t know who he is, I would like to introduce you to Mark Hendricks.

Check this out: Mark Hendricks.

Mark is the organizer of the famous big 12 Days of Christmas give away event.

21 Years of marketing experience!

Last summer he organized a 3-day workshop on list building in Orlando.

From one of my online friends I heard that it was all content, and people were actually getting subscribers before the event was over!

This was a $497 workshop, which is very cheap, and I regretted I couldn’t attend, but here’s the surprise…

Mark took the recordings of the event, had them transcribed and turned them into a home study course.

Right now, he’s running a special deal on this package for the next couple days.

I’m not supposed to mention prices, but I was really shocked when I saw that the special price is just $47.

I thought there must be a digit missing, since that’s less than 1/10 of the price to attend.

I immediately ordered my copy, since at this price level, it’s a real bargain just for the workshop recordings, but there’s more.

You also get the attendees manual in PDF, with screenshots.

And, you also get recordings of followup calls Mark held for the attendees.

Now, if you think you’ll get some fluff report, think again.
The transcript of the recordings is a full 269 pages!

Check it out here.

I’m still listening and reading, but I already can tell you that “How to Build and Profit From Your Own Lists” is a very powerful home study course.

  • it’s *the* definitive guide to building lists
  • it’s *the* definitive guide to profiting from lists
  • it’s *the* definitive guide to automating your business so building and profiting from your lists become a 365/24/7 auto-pilot system

An understandable, easy-to-follow course on the real way to build and profit from your own lists.

Again, this was a $497 event — but you’ll only pay $47 for this powerful information (as long as you get there before Mark pulls the offer).

Honestly, you really should check this out.

Do it now!

Case Stevens


I couldn’t get Mark to tell me how long he’ll leave it up but if I were you I wouldn’t take ANY chances.
This is your chance to finally learn the insider secrets to building a profitable list.

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