Life in Spain

I’m in Spain with my family, enjoying the good life.

The province of Alicante has a micro climate.
It’s very dry, but almost always the same temperature of 30-32 degrees Centigrade and a gentle breeze coming from the sea.

My wife doesn’t feel her usual arthritis pains, my 12 year old daughter’s asthma problems disapear as snow for the sun and we’re enjoying the slower Spanish way of life.

I try to work a little bit here, but that doesn’t come without any troubles.
Every year, it seems as if faith knows I’m slowing down and this year it wasn’t different.

How about my credit card suddenly not working any more. Have you ever tried to call the credit card company back home when you were abroad? In the weekend?

And of course, there was someone who’s links didn’t work at So I had to take a look in my database. Since I only have a dial up connection here, it takes hours to get there and check what’s going wrong.

And of course I got a message that my delayed recorded webinar mp3 was ready to download. It only was somewhat bigger than expected: 54 Mb’s. Have you ever tried to download such a huge file on a dial up connection?

“Well” you may say, “get a faster connection then”.

Ahhh … no.

That wouldn’t fit in the life style here. I’m really slowing down and these problems are all solved within a few days. After that, I’ll continue at a much lower pace.

Like today, when we celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday.

We had my good old Spanish friend Salvador Sapena, who I had not seen in three years, and his beautiful wife Conchita over as guests and we invited them to a great restaurant for a nice dinner.

We just arrived back home and it was so good that I just had to tell you about it.

They brought presents for the kids and we had some tapas with a sprinkling glass of champagne.

During dinner we brought up many memories of the past when we did business together, selling shoes to Russians, diet pills to Brazilians and developing some real estate.

Like the 18 story beach apartment building that was offered to us for only 1 Peseta (5 cents). Which we didn’t do because there were too many problems to be solved then. Nowadays, it would be a several million dollars deal.

That’s because Spain has evolved at a much faster pace than the rest of Western Europe. Only 35 years ago, they were under the regime of dictator Franco. Only 20 years ago, they joined the European Union.

But the money they’ve received from the EC has been very well spend.
Infrastructure is great, all major cities are completely re-constructed and prosperity is at the highest possible levels (as are the prices).

That’s a good thing. It’s called progress.

On the other hand, Salvador and I talked about the good ‘ol days, when Spain, not too long ago, was much more quiet, not poisoned with commercials, big cars, luxury and the latest gadgets.

Like when we walked to the old harbor building in Alicante to have a coffee, before sailing out to the island of Tabarca to have a great lunch. Salvador knew everyone back then, so he was stopped so many times for a little chat, that we arrived too late for lunch.

When in the evening, at eight, everyone dressed up nicely and walked down the Esplanada, where there were colored chairs to sit down and have a chat with your neighbours or friends.

When the dressed up couples went out at Sunday morning to take a stroll in El Parque Del Retiro, talking to everyone they met, having lots of fun with the whole family at lunch and where grandparents played with their grandchildren.

It’s still there, but not as prominent as back then. And that’s a pitty.

Nevertheless, life is still great here.
Because of the slower pace of life during summer and the excellent, healthy foods (Mediterranean diet). We’re re-charging batteries. To come back at full speed at the end of August.

In the mean time, I’ll keep posting interesting articles here, so stay tuned.

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