Free Keyword Suggestion Tool WordTracker

Well, it can hardly be a coincidence, but …

WordTracker just released a new and free keyword suggestion tool.

You can enter your keyword to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.
Adult terms have been removed from the results.

Why don’t you try it out, now that Overture is offline.

Go here: Free Keyword Suggestion Tool


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One thought on “Free Keyword Suggestion Tool WordTracker

  1. Thank you Case for introducing this resource.

    It looks like a very helpful tool. Overture also offers a similar free tool but we know how Wordtracker’s data has been always more accurate that Overture. So it’s good to see Wordtracker offering this free keyword research tool.

    Of course they’ve been offering a free trial for a long time, but this one is just easier and faster to use.



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