JV Alert Live Event

Today I arrived in Philadelphia to attend the JV Alert Live Event.

Woke up at 6 AM (which is midnight Eastern time), left at 7, took the 11.20 plane and arrived 8 and a half hours later in Phila.
Took a cab and seventy dollars later was dropped in my hotel.

Did a reconnaissance in the lobby and after a couple of cold beers my buddy Chris fell in love with a huge Chrysler and hired it for five days!
“Hey Chris, why do we need a car?”
“Let’s just have some fun Case!”.
You know what? He’s right!

Then we drove back down town (about 15 miles), strolled the streets and finally ended up in a sushi bar in Chinatown were we had a great meal.

Back to the hotel I hit the shower and tried out my Internet connection to make a post for my blog.
Right now it’s 4.00 AM for me, local time is 10.00 PM.

All I need is a good night rest.
Tomorrow we will drive through the neighborhoods I’m sure.
Always curious to learn what a new place looks like.

And then meet the other guys tomorrow evening in the hotel.

Looking forward to this.

Greetings from a very hot Philadelphia.

Case Stevens

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