Is Joomla Website Design Good for Small Businesses

Some readers ask me about Joomla website design and whether or not it’s a great content management system.

I must be honest with you: I don’t know. Simply because I never have used Joomla.

Fortunately I found someone who does know, Carol Brown.

She writes today’s guest post and if you’re interested in using Joomla to develop small business websites, listen up.

Here comes Carol.

Why Joomla Website Design is Great for Small Businesses

Joomla website design is ideal for small business websites for its ease of use and zero licensing fees. It also makes site updating a cakewalk.

Over the last few years the web development professionals are opting for CMS (Content Management System) web design over other options for designing the client websites.

In fact, the business owners are also looking for web design professionals who are proficient in CMS web design.

There are some inherent advantages of CMS web design and a website design Company should adopt it for flexibility of work and speeding up site development.

In particular, CMS fits the bill very well for the small business websites.
There are a number of CMS applications available in the market and a web design company needs to pick the one that offers it the best performance.

The small business website design is more than just making the online profile for a company.
On the contrary, it needs integration with other plug-ins and software to expand the site’s capability.

Using Joomla website design over other CMS apps for small business website design makes sense as the software has matchless flexibility and ease of use.

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For instance, with a Joomla based online store a business owner can handle order management, customer data storing, and order processing from a single intuitive interface.
For this, the Web design and Development Company might need to use Joomla template and extensions.

Everything can be smoothly administered from the admin dashboard.
Some of these can be achieved with other CMS applications like WordPress.
However, when it comes to making a business websites that lets the owner deal directly with customers in an efficient way, Joomla races ahead of the competition.

Joomla web site design can enhance the online business experience for the users and business owners alike.

When a web developer makes a CMS based online store for a client, he needs to use extension or plugin which enhances the basic installation of the application.

With Joomla this is very simple. All the developers need to do is installing VirtueMart and the online shop gets equipped with comprehensive order management capability.

The small business websites that need to be equipped with CRM software can also benefit from Joomla web design.
The CRMVJ Joomla extension makes linking the Joomla online store with the CRM app a cakewalk.

It is true that for availing the powerful capabilities of Joomla website design a web developer will need Joomla hosting. In fact, Joomla web hosting is not drastically different from general web hosting.
The web servers need to be optimized and configured for Joomla properly. The web itself is an excellent resource for locating reliable and reputed Joomla web hosting service providers.

A business owner opting for a Joomla based website can save on the charges he needs to pay the web development firm.
Since Joomla is open source and comes for free, the web design companies using the application charge less from the clients compared to the design firms using commercial apps.

The small business owners can implement changes in a website made in Joomla fast and without much hassle.
For instance, if the website needs to be updated with new image portfolio, that can be done within a few minutes in Joomla. Adding a blog section or customer feedback section in a Joomla based business website can also be done smoothly.

Joomla Website design for small businesses is also beneficial from the SEO perspective. Joomla is quite SEO friendly and making a Joomla website attractive to the search engine bots is not difficult.

So, what’s your opinion on Joomla website design?
Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Joomla Website Design Good for Small Businesses

  1. Rick Noel says:

    Nice post Carol. Concrete5, a CMS (Content Management System)developed MIT. In my experience, Concrete5 is a good, lightweight CMS alternative to Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, probably the three most deployed CMS available. The key is to make sure that whatever CMS is selected that there is good support pool (i.e. lots of people trained in market on how to develop and support), that the system is continuing to evolve so at a minimum, maintenance releases to patch security holes are available in a timely manner. As mentioned in your post, it is important when selecting a web host that they have a track record of hosting the CMS you are considering, especially if prepaying for multiple years in order to receive a discounted monthly rate. A few the large US web hosts run the the MySQL server on a networked server which creates performance issues instead of running on the same box as the web server. No need to get too technical, just make sure that the host has other customers running the same target CMS.

  2. John says:

    Any of these CMS systems might be good to start with however as all of these CMS they have thier limitations. From my view it is better to invest in your own CMS to be able to create truly great website which will stand out in todays internet world!

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