What Your Potential JV Partners REALLY Want

JV’s (Joint Ventures) are always a source of discussion.
Frequently I read posts complaining about the ‘Inner Circle’ (IC) of big list owners doing JV’s with only each other to promote their IC-products.

Recently I saw a post in a forum about the topic that went something like this:

(Poster talks about his new product and his joint venture attempts …)
… however, most top marketers are so selfish (sorry to use that word) in that even when you do every thing that you recommend, they still want to keep the pie to them selves. So they will not joint venture with upcoming individuals. They only read proposals from names such as Willie Crawford, Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime, Russel Bronson.

This is proven by the launches I receive in my mailbox. It is only for products of big players as listed above.

When an exception happens and a big marketer promotes an upcoming marketer, it is because of a …

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How To Have Your Joint Venture Partners BEGGING To Promote Your Products!
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