Awesome presentation Joel Comm

Joel Comm, the Adsense Guy, just ended his awesome presentation.

He was able to get everybody out of the chair and do a Mexican wave.

Of course, the subject was Google Adsense.

Joel appears to be a great motivator and he got almost everyone who isn’t in Adsense yet to sign up for an account.

Joel Comm shared a lot of his Adsense secrets and warned everyone to stay away from black hat sites (websites that are created automatically scraping copy from other sites or search engines). Instead build your own, high quality content site.

joel comm, adsense guy

Joel re-assured everyone who was concerned about the subject, that a great Adsense income can be generated with just two or three websites.
You just have to test colors, placement and ad formats by keeping a journal of what works and what doesn’t.
NO reason to put up hundreds and hundreds of domains with low content.

His formula is: Opportunity + Action = Success

Joel Comm, great guy!

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