4 Reasons why Internet is a Godsend for small businesses

Internet has made inroads in almost all walks of lives, affecting everybody from students to professionals, and politicians to celebrities. Everybody is keen to go online and make the most of this wonderful medium that offers a number of opportunities.

But, to my utter surprise, the majority of small business owners are still reluctant to go online. Whenever I get a chance to commute with some of these businessmen, they appear to be in two minds when thinking of having an online presence, which is even more mind boggling, knowing how little it costs to create a website and take your business online.

Internet has just so much to offer for small businesses, I can keep going on and on as to how small businesses can benefit from the Internet in more than one ways. But let’s take a look at some major benefits Internet has to offer for small businesses.

  1. One of the cheapest marketing mediums:
    Small businesses do not have the budgets to go for conventional marketing mediums, they have to rely on word of mouth or referral system, and almost all of these low-cost marketing mediums have their own limitations.

    Not Internet … this low cost marketing medium offers so many ways and platforms to market just about any product or any business, especially after the advent and success of Social Media websites.

    Small businesses, who are finding it hard to outlast the competition, can turn towards the Internet and give a much needed impetus to their business. Not to mention, if you can pick out some low competition keywords in line with your business, and get your website to rank for these keywords (e.g. 123inkjets coupons or 4inkjets discounts), you will be getting a constant stream of new customers coming to your business.

  2. Internet for small businesses
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    Global reach:
    Location plays a very important role in the success of small businesses, and the problem is, you can’t just keep changing locations of your business.
    If you are not getting enough customers or sales from the local customers, you’ll be left with no other options but to spend hefty budgets on marketing and reach out to customers from other areas and try your luck.
    Internet can help you deal with geographical boundaries. Using the Internet, you can easily get in touch with potential customers in nearby cities, or even countries, and find new leads.

  3. Business Networking:
    For businesses targeting B2B industry, Internet is the ideal platform to carry out all types of business activities. You can perform everything from finding new potential clients, sending business proposals, communicating, negotiating rates, and making new business partners.

    Social Networks like LinkedIn will let you connect with hundreds of businesses coming from the same or interrelated industry. Apart from the business partners, you can also source low cost suppliers in other countries.

  4. Learning Made Easy:
    Internet allows you to keep a tab on your respective industry. It will help your business if you are well-informed about all of those up-coming technologies, or new products before your local competitors get a hold of this information. Staying on the ball can turn out to be a game changer.

    You can also keep a tab on how similar businesses are marketing their products or services, and try some of these techniques. In addition to that, spending some time reading the news and articles on Internet will give you many ideas to expand your business.

Online entrepreneur Roberto writes about online business like web hosting, content creation, and Internet Marketing. He also shares best web hosting tips and Web Hosting Reviews with the readers.

So far Roberto and his 4 outstanding reasons for small businesses to make an online presence.

Let me add this:
Problem is, that small business owners have to spend way too much time running their business and if they’ve made the jump to the Net, they’re often ripped of by some web design artist.
If you are able not only to create a website (that’s where most so called web designers stop), but also achieve high rankings for (local) keywords as mentioned above, you can make a lot of money getting small businesses online.
Think about that.

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3 thoughts on “4 Reasons why Internet is a Godsend for small businesses

  1. Steve Counts says:

    Your message is a strong one that has to be told. Small business owners blame the economy for their anemic sales. That is only part of it. Another big part is the effect of the internet. The web world has changed everything.
    Think about how each of us now uses the web. It is amazing what you can do on the web. Are we as business owners too naive to think that our customers and prospects don’t use the internet the way we do? Companies have to adapt to the way prospects find their information so they can be found if not sales will suffer.
    It is true that owners are busy and use that as an excuse to not take advantage of the internet for their business. Your other comment that there are a lot of poor or underperforming internet marketers with limited skills is not an excuse to hang back. We are entrepreneurs for goodness sakes. There are two kinds of people, those who look for a way and those who look for an excuse! Find a way or go out of business.
    Springfield, MO

  2. Laho says:

    Three things I liked out this blog post and those are ; global reach: Yes internet online resources, you can speak out your potential clients world wide and thats really awesome which enables you to promote your ideas, business and marketing plans with this Godsend quality of internet. And second is the Marketing made easy, now everybody knows that internet is used massively for marketing purposes because its the fastest way of information dissemination that’s reaches to everybody have internet access no matter where his global position is. Third One is the E-Learning facilities boosting our knowledge day by day we surf the internet. Hundreds of thousands of websites are available now which are simply providing free of cost free books written by famous authors on so many subjects and themes, research papers were once a huge task to do but now having internet access made is just a click away.

    I am happy I am borne in the age of internet and that’s really Godsend for personal and small business usage.

  3. Graham says:

    The Internet is awesome for marketing, however small business can benefit from digital signage this is the ability of using a high definition screen and a media player (even the content from their website with new products on could be used)to upsell new and unique products.

    But what all small businesses need is to market themselves, many do not know how to do this and spend a fortune on someone working on their website, they would be better off spending the money and learning themselves.

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