Improve Website Traffic With 5 Little Known Secrets

One of the major challenges on the Internet is to improve website traffic.

In most cases, there’s a little traffic dripping in, but by far not enough to make a decent online living.
Whether it is a direct sale, Adsense, affiliate website, or even a complete online business, generating tons of traffic is vital to the success of any website.

The main problem is that the Internet marketin landscape becomes more competitive each and every day. Due to the economic crisis, there are a lot more people working from home trying to make a decent living. Therefore more and more people are trying to rank for the same keywords and phrases. Competition increases every day.

Of course Facebook can help, as it is a great way to improve website traffic.
It’s a long route though, because you can’t blatantly sell your products, as Facebook is a social media site and people do not visit such sites to spend money in the first place. Hence, you have to be eh…. sociable, make tons of friends and gain trust first. Answering questions and making great recommandations is a good way to establish that. Make your followers love you and they may follow your advice that you sprinkle thoughtout your recommendations.

Youtube and other video sites can improve website traffic exponentially.
Read James Martell’s article How to Harness the Power of YouTube.

Plus, here’s a little known, but simple and highly effective untapped traffic source. Video responses!
Just find a highly popular video that you like and that has tons of views, and then simply upload your own video and post it as a response. It is that easy!

Once you have a video response submitted, it will automatically be listed in the video response section. Thus you can easily redirect traffic to your video, and from there to your website. It’s one of the easiest ways to drastically improve your website traffic. Do not be concerned to post video responses for the exclusive intention of driving visitors to your blog. Give them a strong reason to do so, do not just post a link.

Craiglist is another great way to improve website traffic.
Visit their forums, that are active 24 hours a day. Once in there, look for the forum that is closest to your niche. Post useful information in there and then sneak in a link to learn more about your website. If you are posting in the right forum and if you are perceived as an expert in the field, you will get a lot of visitors to click on your link.

Search engine optimization (SEO).
The best way however to improve website traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO). It means you will rank well for your keywords in the search engines and that’s where interested people find you looking for answers to your questions. But keywords are very competitive these days. So…

…the ‘key’ here is to limit your seo efforts to just buying keywords, people who are ready to buy will find your website at the top of the search engines. Make sure to have content posted at Youtube, Facebook, Craigslist, and all of the other top sites.

If you use WordPress blogs, you’ll may want to pick up the “SEO Pressor” WordPress plugin that helps with Google rankings for your blog (even after the Farmer update) to increase your website’s SEO Traffic.

Finally, another little known traffic generator that almost no one is using is good old-fashioned media buying. For a step-by-step guide to media buying (written by an insider), check out The Traffic Bandit now.

Well, there you have it. 5 Little known ways to improve website traffic.
Do you know others?
Post them below.

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3 thoughts on “Improve Website Traffic With 5 Little Known Secrets

  1. Case Stevens says:

    I myself get many more requests from people for help to get online. I do hear the same messages from some others, so…
    Don´t have any statistics though.

  2. Ted says:

    When I first read your comment about Craigslist in your article, I thought you were going to be suggesting that people spam Craigslist with sales page links back to their website. I was relieved when I saw that you were suggesting a different method instead.

    In fact, your method with Craigslist is probably a pretty darn good one. I have not tested it as of yet, but I can see that if you can get those people to come to your site, you would probably be getting some darn good, buying traffic instead of the kind of traffic you would normally get from something other than SEO.

  3. Luanna says:

    Video responses? Who thought? True it has never crossed my mind, but reading about it, you certainly have juicy details about internet marketing.The idea is brilliant and am sure it would be magic if one did it competently by “giving visitors a resaon to do so”
    Onto the craiglist and Wow! The forums, I never thought about that. I love your mind. I am certainly going to try that out. Thanks a bunch! Thumbs up for the info, it comes in handy.

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