Improve Your Local Citations with 8 Easy Tips

In the world of SEO, citations are used to enlist the name and address of your commercial venture on other web pages. The citations are extremely helpful for the advancement of your local business.

If you have not been able to create a website for your venture, citations from well-indexed portals will help you build your credibility. If an established portal mentions the name of your business, it will inform the popular search engines about the categorization and contact information of your business.

The following 8 steps will help you improve local citation.

1. Complete Auditing of Listings

The data you are uploading during citation will allow the search engines to provide assistance during geo-targeted searches. The search engines will have difficulty verifying the existence of your business in the presence of incorrect NAP (name, address and phone numbers) information.
It is important to correctly upload the current contact information related to your business. This information needs to remain consistent on all the important portals.

2. Proper Citations

It is important to choose the worthy portals amidst thousands of available portals for the citation of your business.
These portals will not only help you widen the visibility of your business. They will also strengthen the assurance of the leading search engines in the validity of the existence of your business.
The citations from authoritative portals will help you avail leading position in the competitive local search market.

3. Removal of Identical/Erroneous Citations

You may have listed the single location of your business multiple times within a single online directory. This will create duplicate citations for your business.
These identical listings may be misleading for the viewers and may include incorrect/old information. The data providers and networks may end up receiving this erroneous information due to its transmission from one site to another.
If this information reaches the local data cluster of Google, it may negatively affect the local search rankings of your business. It is prudent to remove these listings during auditing.

local citations for better rankings

4. External Sources

The links you avail from external sources are as important as availing citations through a well-indexed portal. These links will heighten your local search visibility.
In local SEO, you have to rely upon the links from other local websites similar to yours. The local directories may work as a useful resource in this task.

5. Assistance of Handy Tools

It may take you hours to build and audit citations for your business properly. The removal of old information and updating of new information will demand some additional hours.

You may not have the time or tenacity necessary for the flawless execution of this task. Some present-day applications, such as Linkclump for Chrome or Multi Links FireFox, may help you perform this task efficiently.

Some advance applications, such as Local Site Submit, Moz Local, Factual, Express Update, will even help you improve your citation upon the formation of it.

6. Genuine Customer Reviews

The local reviews will help you create a positive impact on the local search rankings of your business.
Reviews posted on reliable search engines will help you attract potential customers as a reliable businessperson. The start-ratings will help your listing standout amidst your competitors.

If you have a website, you may create a page that will instruct your customers to place reviews on your business.

7. Niche and Location Citations

It is important to build city and industry specific citations in Local SEO. Some strategic steps may help you find the resources to build these citations.

You may join local networking groups or chamber of commerce. You may get enlisted in neighborhood-specific business listings. You may pursue local businesspersons to vouch for your business and list you as a reliable businessperson on their websites.

8. Social Media Activities

If you increase your activity on social media, this will help you reach out to the local customers, bloggers, and press.
This platform will help you share your ideas with many individuals and will let others know about any special event or offer.
It will help you create and nurture local relationships for the advancement of your business.

The accurate and consistent listings play invaluable roles in the improvement of local rankings for your commercial venture. These listings will allow you to reap the positive benefits in the near future.

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  1. Great article! I have been trying out different citation services, and it has been difficult to find one that has the right authority sites, and that they list the citations exactly correctly. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

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