How You Can Benefit From Online Business Ignorance

I just finished a website for my sister in law. To promote her beautiful paintings, she wanted a website. I created a simple one using WordPress as a content management system and using the default template. She’s very happy with it and sends everyone she meets over to her new site.

She had one remark though.

As an example, just to show her what the options of WordPress as a content management system are, I put a link in her blogroll to a site from her friend.

She told me to take that down!
“But why?” I asked her.
“Because you don’t link to competitors” she answered. That was what she was told at the club. And she believed it.

So I had to explain to her how the online world works. She thought it was a lot of work for someone completely new to it and asked me to do that for her. I promised to help her with that. Could have asked her for money, but she’s too nice and she’s my brother’s wife and he helps me a lot too. 🙂

On another occasion, a friend asked me how he could promote his construction company on the Internet. He thought that a website was a static thing, like his brochures and he had absolutely NO idea how to interact with visitors.
We talked about some ideas and he really became enthusiastic. He’s working on these ideas and some back-end products. We’re going to set up a website for him soon.

I’ve had conversations like that many times. I mean hundreds of times, really. Because most business people simply do NOT know how to build an online business.

Online Business
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The have absolutely NO idea how to drive traffic to their sites, how to catch email addresses, what to send to subscribers and how to market their own products or services. They don’t think outside the box and all they see is what they’re already doing for years and years.

Now, listen closely…


If you have some idea on how to run an online business, then you can make a lot of money helping off line business people setting up profitable websites for a monthly fee.

It’s so simple: you study their business, find a hook to create a fast info product and then set up the website, squeeze page, autoresponder series and start promoting it.

This may seem so obvious to you, but off line business people just don’t know how to do this!
YOU do! And helping them generates a nice recurring monthly income for you!

Want to know more details?

Then download this special report, showing a really easy system where you can start with just a little basic online marketing skill and start collecting 1,000 or 1,500 dollar checks today for your skill from local business owners.

Don’t procrastinate. Download now and please, let me know what great opportunities you see here.
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