How to Write an Effective Blog – 6 Surefire Ways

I assembled some great tips on how to write an effective blog, as blogging is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to up your ratings in the search engines. Consequently, this will lead to fame and profit – especially if you have a business site.

However, one of the most important things that you need to consider is learning how to write an effective blog.
Here are six ways which can help you do this.

  1. Get Real Familiar with the Topic
    Let’s face it. Most online entrepreneurs hire ghost writers to blog for them and most bloggers do not really own the website that they are writing about.

    If you are one of the latter, you need to know everything about the product or service being offered to the public – as if you own it. You really would not be able to come up with anything interesting if you are just writing for the sake of getting paid.

    Good bloggers are great researchers. This is the number one rule in learning how to write an effective blog.

  2. Share Honest Opinions
    If, on the other hand, you are writing reviews, try to be sincere. It is true that some bloggers out there are paid to note down something nice about a certain product or service. However, if you are an independent blogger, you need to be impartial and completely honest about what you think.

    If you want to know how to write an effective blog, be completely objective about your write-ups. Don’t be swayed by, say, freebies provided by the owner of the company.

  3. Short Articles Work Better
    People have very short attention span. Which would you read: a 500-word article about a particular topic or one with a thousand words (same topic as the first)?

    Sure, some people want to have an in-depth knowledge about something that they want. However, most would rather hear about it or watch it on TV rather than read about it.
    The number three tip on how to write an effective blog is to keep things short and straight to the point.

  4. Formulate Interesting Titles
    One of the selling points of newspapers is the headlines that they have on the front page. Often, different dailies in a certain region will talk about the same things.
    However, people choose the one which catches their attention. The same is true when blogging. Besides this, you should also try to create sub-headings to make your article easier to read (especially if it is a bit long). Start practicing this aspect of how to write an effective blog.
  5. Keywords Matter
    The ones on top or the first page of search engines are the ones who capitalized in a keyword-rich content. You need to understand that including the right sort of keywords are extremely important so that your site will be well optimized.
  6. Proofread!
    Finally, to know how to write an effective blog, you also need to be patient in proofreading your articles. Even the best writers in the world make small mistakes here and there.

    Nevertheless, they still continue to check for errors. If you want to make certain that you have written everything down well, try asking somebody to proofread for you.

These are 6 great ways to write an effective blog !
Any comments? Post below.

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8 thoughts on “How to Write an Effective Blog – 6 Surefire Ways

  1. Daniel Vaczi says:

    We highly recommend our clients to blog on their website. Websites that have blogs get 55% more visitors than websites that do not have blogs. According to Emarketer 2010 nearly 40% of companies use blogs for marketing purposes. 2/3 of them say that their blog is “critical” to their business. This list is a good blogging 101 best practices.

  2. Arold says:

    I have a question. How many words the article that I am publishing on my site should have? I understand that people often time don’t really like to read long content.

  3. Carl Donovan says:

    What’s all this stuff about subject familiarity and honesty? I was told that I could just make up a bunch of garbage, slap it on the interwebs, scrape a few thousand backlinks and then wait at the mail box for the fat checks!

    In all seriousness, I wonder if this will finally do away with the “Get Rich in 24 Hours” gurus? I’ve read quite a lot of their stuff over the years and made a half-baked attempt to follow some of them, resulting in much failure and disappointment.

    Finally, I’ve gotten down to business, creating real content with real interest to real readers across a range of platforms. And it’s actually quite rewarding.

    You know what? It’s kinda fun!

  4. Noel Addison says:

    Researching is very important in writing an effective blog especially if you are not the owner of the business that you are writing for and lack the vital information that you have to write for.

  5. Rob Benwell says:

    Thanks for the tips. Will be starting my blog tonight so am cramming for some late tips.

    One of my own, coming from a blog reader, don’t make private anything that’s not necessary. When I’m checking out a blog I get annoyed if I get excluded from banal topics such as ‘my favorite movie’. Why? If you’re setting up an online clique, fine, but if you want publicity let your readers get hooked by lots of free access stuff and then, if you really feel the need, set up members-only sections.

    Also, the cliche ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ doesn’t necessarily apply at all times. e.g. Google doesn’t care about your images, just their labels when it’s searching for your site!

  6. Case Stevens says:

    That’s very interesting Charles. Please keep us posted about your experiment and let us know how you’re doing.
    Thanks for your contribution.

  7. avishay kaminer says:

    I do the writing of my website on my own and just recently started to understand some important issues such as given in your article- shorter is better, using a spoken language and not trying to show off or impress my readers with a sophisticated language. i am trying to bring the core of idea into the center of my post, and one and most important- giving my readers some extra value, which would make them ask me for more because they love it (and not because i love what i post!!!)
    I want to thank you for those great tips!
    Thank you


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