How To Use Stumble Upon To Your Advantage

After search engine traffic from Google and MSN, Stumble Upon is on the third place of my traffic resources.

While Stumble Upon IS a web 2.0 site, it’s not the typical social bookmarking site like Digg or Del.Ico.US.
Instead, Stumble Upon is more a social networking site. And it works like charm!

Now, before we continue, sign up for Stumble Upon if you haven’t created an account yet. It doesn’t cost you a cent.

After creating your account, or if you have one already, you may want to add me as a friend. If you do, go to my Stumble Upon profile and at the top right click on the ‘Add him as a friend’-button.

Now, why does Stumble Upon works so well? Because it’s networking. See what I’m doing here? I’m inviting you to join this network and add me as a friend.

That is NOT because I want to be on a top list. It’s just so I know who you are and, if I like what you’re writing at your site or blog, can Stumble your posts and pages.
I’ll be even more inclined to do so, if you review my blog.

Now, this may look like a ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ theory, but it isn’t. I won’t Stumble any posts or pages that I do not like and I expect you to do the very same.

But since you’re reading this blog post, we must share something in common, isn’t it? So chances are, that I DO like one or more of your posts and will Stumble them!

That’s how it works. And that makes Stumble Upon a powerful resource.

I haven’t been giving it all the attention it deserves. That’s because it takes time, certainly in the beginning, when you have to find out first what Stumble is all about and how to use it to your best advantage. But the result is targeted exposure and targeted traffic.
So it’s well worth to spend some time in here.

The reason for making this post is a review of Stumble Upon by my good friend Dr. Mani, after joining them recently. He ‘revived’ my interest in Stumble Upon.

I had the toolbar installed already, but hid it when it was inconvenient, which was most of the time.
I’ll keep it up now, ready to Stumble as many good posts as I can.

If you’re curious as to why, then just read Dr. Mani’s great post: How To Get MORE StumbleUpon Traffic – A Guide For Beginners… And Experts

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  1. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Art.
    Glad you liked my posts and some of the tools. That’s what I’m here for, providing great information! 🙂
    Therefore it’s always rewarding to get comments like yours.

    I’m from The Netherlands.
    And my wife loves salsa dancing too. Created a website for her club last summer.

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