How To Reach The Blog Top and Become Famous

People like to rank and classify.
It’s a human nature, thus it also happens in the the blogging community.

That’s why a so called ‘A-List’ of Bloggers exists.
The blogging top, the crème de la crème in Blogland.

One of the criteria to classify bloggers is being in the Technorati Top 100. Actually there are two of them, most linked to (writers) and most favorited (readers).

But there are more touchstones!

Lynn Terry has listed them in her post The Difference Between A-List Bloggers and the rest of the alphabet.

Typically, some A-List Bloggers that I read comments from about their status, say they don’t care (too much) for their high position.
Nevertheless, that status is exactly what makes them famous and enables them to live a wealthy lifestyle.

I guess it also makes a lot of people envious, but there’s no reason for that as these top bloggers are only harvesting the revenues of their hard work.
And hard work it is, as Lynn explains in What It Takes To Become an A-List Blogger and Join ‘The Blogging Elite’.

If that seems too much for you, there’s also an option to settle for a B-List status. Nothing wrong with that, easier to accomplish and maybe smarter, if you’re able to achieve 2 of them and link them together.
In fact, Lynn has not one, but Six Reasons To Shoot For The B-List and Forget About Becoming an A-List Blogger.

If you read all three articles, you’ll know exactly what to do (and what not).

Great presentation Lynn!


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