How To Be Happy

Being happy is a state of mind. One that makes you perform better. Much better.

Dr. Mani is blogging about that theme all day.
He has some great tips to share with you. Check it out at Remarkably Purple Spots.

Paul Duxbury has some great and very practical advise too! He shows you how to be happy with yourself by Stop Holding Onto Grudges and Be Happy!. Check it out!

There was a time that David Carter wasn’t happy. He suffered from a severe stroke. I guess David’s doing ok now, because he’s blogging about his thoughts and how he’s trying to recover.

And here’s the story of wellness lady Jane Avery, another happy person as she’s blogging about her experiences at Networking Secrets at Squidoo.

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Because that’s exactly what these people are promoting right now! Isn’t that amazing?

Please donate to the Heart Kids Blogathon.

Thank you so much.

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