How About … Taking Action?

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Willie Crawford, pointing out that there’s only two months left until Christmas. At the beginning of this week, Willie challenged everyone to end this year with Massive Action, so we all can end the year poised to achieve your dreams in the new year.

I couldn’t agree more.

Because taking action is the most important factor to be successful online. All the rest are details.

You see, on the Internet, as in real life, only a small percentage of people let something happen. A somewhat higher percentage watches what happens and the vast majority…
well, in the end they never knew what has happened.

The funny thing is, that these statistics also apply to people reading this.

And I hate that. Honestly.

That’s why today, I want to make it my challenge to you to change these numbers. I really want you to take action and I’ll show you some super easy and simple steps to start with that. Read on.

This small amount of people that let something happen are the real entrepreneurs. And they have one particular thing in common that keeps them going and that is their passion and endeavor to take Massive Action.

All innovative entrepreneurs are always searching for what can make their business better for themselves and everyone touched by their business. They look for good opportunities within their own business and industry and then act upon that, which is exactly what makes them successful people!

That’s why I was hoping you already downloaded your copy of “20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online”.

If you haven’t, then do this right away. Study and implement.
THAT’S taking Massive Action!

That’s what makes you an entrepreneur. You don’t sit back and simply wait for the muse to strike you. Oh no!
You get up, get out and search for those innovative opportunities in 5 key strategies:

  1. The Unexpected: The unexpected does occur occasionally. Unfortunately, it sometimes includes failure. However, innovative entrepreneurs always use failure as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and create something special. Others will simply give up or mope about their failures. Successful entrepreneurs will rise above their failures and create new opportunities.
  2. The Inconceivable: You know those things that you feel you have to do even though it’s a pain. Entrepreneurs are the ones who see through that and come up with workable ideas to make things easier for everyone. They make the inconceivable seemingly disappear.
  3. The Process: Inventions for the masses are what make entrepreneurs spectacular. The inventions of the light bulb, the television, washing machine, etc. are all things we use today without a second thought. A few centuries ago, these things didn’t yet exist. It was those innovative entrepreneurs and inventors who made these things possible.
  4. Moving with Change: Entrepreneurs have the ability to see into the future of their businesses and industries. If they foresee a change coming in the future, they will make the necessary changes within their company to flow or even start the change to come.
  5. Taking Action: Some entrepreneurs see that something will happen, but make no decisions to plan for it. Innovative entrepreneurs on the other hand see that and plan for the future.
    They take action!

Here’s another way to take action: get involved in teleseminars and live events!

You’ve probably emailed with some of your peers. And sometimes you wonder what they are saying, meaning or driving at.
Well, hearing a voice that belongs to such email opens a whole different world! That may sound strange, but it’s the truth.
And meeting someone in person can definitely change your perception of that person completely.

Get involved! Visit live events.
And start with joining conference calls, webinars, teleseminars.

Here’s a great start: with some exceptions, Willie Crawford has a conference call every Saturday around noon EST. If I can make it, I’ll join (I live in Europe, 6 hours ahead, so by that time my ‘social network activities’ kicks in!).

I’d like for you to be on a special networking and brainstorming call this Saturday, October 20th, at 11am – 12:30pm. The call is free. On the call I’ll hopefully be joined by numerous other very savvy Internet marketers, and we can discuss how to actually find YOUR niche.

To join that call, you need to register at:

Registering will trigger an autoresponder message with the call-in details. Then on Saturday, we can discuss “finding a proven, profitable niche!”

It’s completely free, no strings attached and your email is only used to send you the call details. Nothing else.
How simple is that? Huh?

Here’s another no-brainer: post useful comments at blogs!
Start with mine. If I think your comment adds value to the discussion, you’ll get a one-way link back to your site!

Geeshh, how easy is that?

Get involved. Build your own network. Take ACTION!

Ok, enough. I’ll rest my…

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