The Key To Home Business Success Part 3

Below is another guest post by Mark Clayson. It’s the last one of a series of 3 about Home Business Success.
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Succeeding in Home Business – Creating the Mindset Part 3

I have often talked about “risk” – or, at least, the perception of risk. When all is said and done, it is the uncontrollable fear of losing something valuable that stops people in their tracks.
It diverts their attention from a goal or dream and shifts their thinking into a cocoon-like trance where current day activities are accepted as the norm.

Fear of risk stagnates the mind and body. It happens in people starting an online business but it also happens in aspiring relationships, financial investments or other challenges in life. Such fear can totally derail all future ventures into the unknown. It is that powerful.

When considered dispassionately, in all cases, the end point or “dream” is exceptionally more palatable that the current day situation. Yet it is the journey towards it we fear.

We have all heard of the saying that “even the longest journey starts with a single step.” Well, as good as it is, it is too simplistic.

A journey starting with that single step can still be a hazardous and challenging one. The journey could lead us through desert, jungle or ice caps. We can meet monsters and ogres, all waiting to eat us up.

So, what do people do? They refrain from that first step.

But what if the journey was smooth and eventless? What if, when we reached our goal we looked back and could say “that was a fantastic experience?”

You see, we never fully appreciate the kind of obstacles that we might find on our way. Because we never do this, we decide to avoid trying in the first place.

So we all end up where we are. It is entirely understandable but the choices are there for us to take. In order to progress ourselves we need to make these choices.

In my other life, I met many ladies who were going to have a baby. It was always an exciting time – a time of joy and eager anticipation. Their journey was beginning and we hoped for a smooth pregnancy and perfect labor.

In most cases, there were no problems. Sometimes there were blips and issues that we all dealt with. Very occasionally, there were significant problems that threatened the well being of not only the mother but of the baby as well. In most cases, everything turned out well and we had, in our hands, a lovely bouncing baby boy or girl.

But, despite the problems, none of those mothers AVOIDED pregnancy “just in case.” They never looked ahead and said “something disastrous might happen so I will never get myself pregnant.” Each and every one of them followed their dream of starting a family with their partners to support them.

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determined child

When we looked back at these moments, we often laughed at the obstacles that they faced. It is easy, in retrospect, to laugh. At the time, they were trying moments where things could turn devilish in an instant.

Yet, now, these brave ladies have their dream. They have their growing and developing family. They had changed their mindset from the very beginning.

In essence, they said “this journey starts with this single step – but whatever happens I am determined to get there.”

Be determined.

Mark Clayson is a physician, professional appraiser and mentor. As an online entrepreneur he helps people starting work on the internet and provides professional coaching services for individuals and businesses.

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2 thoughts on “The Key To Home Business Success Part 3

  1. It’s so true that deciding whether or not to take that first step is one of the keys to achieving success. Most people never do it so those who are willing to take just a little ‘risk’ will be the ones who succeed.

    Best regards


  2. Brennan Kingsland says:

    Yes, the first step is hard to take but there is hope and excitement surrounding it.

    To me the 401st step, or the 501st step, is even more difficult, because it is so easy to get discouraged when the reality of what is required sets in.

    To me, online success occurs when you force yourself to keep learning and trying until you find what works for YOU.

    How many “overnight successes” really spent frustrating hours, months and even years learning their craft BEFORE the big breakthrough?

    There are many ways to make it big in online marketing and not every technique is right for everyone. If one keeps plugging away and trying, eventually the learning curve is mastered.

    The only certain failure is if you give up!

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