The Key To Home Business Success Part 2

Today we have another guest post by Mark Clayson.
It’s a sequel to his earlier post Home Business Success Part 1

Succeeding in Home Business Part 2

Many of the people I meet that have aspirations for changing their lives are governed by their mindset. Preconceptions that they have are often based on problems and mistakes made in the past.

“What made us, also can control us”.

That is, unless we can break free from the shackles of our mind.
Our mind (or mindset) shapes our thinking and our actions. Everything we do – that is EVERYTHING – is dependent upon our experiences and perceptions. There are only two ways to change these – blindly or with planning.

Starting a business and having that entrepreneurial spirit requires a substantial change in one’s thinking. Some people are lucky in that they can easily make the transition from where they are now to where they want to be. They will do this quite blindly at times as they accept that there may be a risk. Working blindly softens the blow of managing the change process.

But, not all of us are that lucky. We procrastinate because we are fearful of changing from where we are now to where we want to be.

Don’t you think that odd? I mean, if where we are NOW is such a bad place then shouldn’t we embrace the need to change?

The answer is often “no” because people would rather be semi-comfortable with their current position rather than take a risk (even if that risk would change their lives, for the better, forever). It is human nature and, if things were different, we would have even more Olympic gold medalists, top footballers and influential statesmen and women.

But we are, out of necessity, guided by other factors. Many of us have a job and a steady income. That income covers the cost of our home, our travel, our food and sustenance and all the little luxuries that we feel we need.

In 10 years time, that income will still cover exactly the same things and, even if we get a promotion at work, we still will only be able to add a few luxuries to our lifestyle.

Contrast that with shifting your mindset in the right direction. If taking a “risk” could lead to you being free and no longer dependent on your boss, then surely it is a risk worth taking?

Sure it is!

But, many of you will be wondering if you can actually TAKE that risk. I understand.

However, I have good news.

There is NO risk.
Yes, I have said it. The risk only comes when you stand to lose something of value that you already have. Yet most of the successful marketers I have met started just the way I did – with a full time job and a piecemeal development of their new businesses.

In that way, you can have both the security of the present and the excitement of the journey towards your dream. Shifting your mindset and accepting that change is important will get you moving. Maintaining that momentum will ultimately, if you do it right, lead to you dropping the burdens you have been carrying – forever.

Then, and only then, will you accept that there never was a risk.

Mark Clayson is a physician, professional appraiser and mentor. As an online entrepreneur he helps people starting work on the internet and provides professional coaching services for individuals and businesses.

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