How To Benefit From Guest Posting In The Long Run

You may be aware of how guest posting can get you on the good side of search engines, but did you know that it can also get your blog penalized?

More blogs have opened up to guest posting than ever before. With so many bloggers relying on the guest post for link-building, many domains join the bandwagon. This is where you can easily build a route to long-term failure.

What you may ignore is that all blogs aren’t created equal. A blog that may look ‘A-list’ to you can shut down or go out of business within the next couple of months. You need to be careful with guest posting because algorithm updates now scan backlinks more seriously than they used to couple of years ago.

What should you consider before guest posting on a blog?

  1. Content
    Going through the content of the blog you’re considering for the guest post is of the utmost importance. Not only will it help you create a post that’s relevant, but will also show you whether the blog was just created for monetization or actually add value to the internet blogosphere.

    Some blogs are able to make money by republishing news that’s also available elsewhere with a few chances. Such blogs however can go out of business at any time, so you wouldn’t want links coming to your domain from defunct URLs.

    Select blogs that add valuable content such as webinars, whiteboards, detailed posts etc. and try to build an ongoing relationship with them. As Rich Gorman, an expert in internet marketing and online reputation, states that when looking for opportunities to land a guest post, look for blogs that can help you develop mutually beneficial relationships.
    “Blogging,” he says, “represents the new fraternity—the venue in which meaningful, professional partnerships are formed.” 

  2. Type of backlinks
    A blog with a high page rank may be easily able to impress you for a guest post, but did it actually get an organic page rank?

    The type of backlinks coming to the blog under consideration for the guest post should be studied in detail. This is because if the links pointing to the blog were gained ‘unethically’, it’s going to affect your blog as well because you’ll have an incoming link from your guest post.

    Furthermore, you should also consider where the backlinks are coming from. Google and other search engines have been stressing the importance of link diversity for a while.
    If all the links are coming from comments or forums, it won’t be viable to publish on that blog. Instead you should opt for a blog that is optimized for link diversity. You can easily study the type of backlinks and where they’re coming from through Alexa and other metric tools.

  3. Readership
    You won’t get much benefit of guest posting on a blog that has 70 percent readership coming from India while your blog was entirely made for females based in U.S.

    You need to find out the blog’s readership before making a pitch to the owner. Reading a few posts on the website will help you to determine the type of readers the blog appeals to.

    You can also use Alexa toolbar to find out the readership percentage. It displays the ratio of total blog traffic coming from different countries, giving you an idea of location where most of the readers are based.

    guest posting benefits
  4. Social media presence
    Remember that social signals are going to play an important role in search engine optimization? It’s important that you remember this concept when looking to make a guest post. A blog that has a good presence on social media is going to benefit you in two ways.

    First of all, you’ll be getting a link pointing to your domain and secondly, the guest post you wrote would be promoted automatically. This is because the accepting publisher usually shares any updated post on his/her blog on social media.

    This means that if you’re able to make a guest post on a blog that has a lot of followers on social media, your contribution may have a chance to reach a large number audience. You’ll also be gaining some followers of your own in the process.

  5. The guest contributors
    Aim to contribute a guest post on a blog that doesn’t accept post from just anyone. This is because if the blog is accepting posts irrespective of low or high quality, it can get penalized by search engines and your contribution be in vain.

    To prevent problems, you can make a contribution at a website that only accepts high-quality guest posts from contributors who offer something new and valuable. Reading the guidelines of the accepting publisher will give you some idea of their expectations.

    Don’t be afraid of strict guidelines – those are the publishers that scare off most guest contributors, but they’re also the ones who have blogs that give you long-term benefits. You’ll see limited content from guest contributors on such blogs because their standards are so high. If you follow the guidelines properly and match their standards, you won’t have any problems in getting your post published (tip: don’t skim through the guidelines, read each and every word). 

These tips will help you make a guest postings that actually result in long-term benefits and allows you to build relationships. 

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