5 Guest Blogging Benefits You Cannot Afford to Miss

I’m an advocate of guest blogging.

For one, it enables you to showcase your experience all over the web as it provides a platform for anyone to express their thoughts.

That’s why I’m glad to accept guest posts.

Like the one below from Arba Hana showing 5 beneficial guest blogging tips.

It’s worth while reading and applying them.

Five Advantages Guest Blogging Has Over Any Other Type of Link Building

There are various methods for link building. Some fairly simple like directory submission or blog commenting (the links might carry little or no weight, but still you will end up with some back links), while some are fairly complex like developing a widget.

Some are cheap like link exchange, while others can be quite pricey like sponsoring a blog contest. As you can see, each link building technique has its own pros and cons and the effectiveness can vary from one website to another.

But there’s one method that triumphs over a big majority of these link building methods, and that is “guest blogging”.

In this post I will try to cover some advantages guest blogging has over any other medium.
But before I get on to the advantages, let me make it clear that you shouldn’t treat guest blogging as just another link building method, because there’s so much more that you can accomplish from a guest post.

Let’s proceed to the advantages…

  1. Contextual Links:
    You can get a link from a site’s footer or the sidebar, or even a site-wide link, but none of it will carry as much weight as a link from within some relevant and quality content.

    Guest posting is one of the very few methods that will give you a contextual link. It’s true that some bloggers wouldn’t allow you to link to your website from the body of the article, however, they wouldn’t mind if you are linking to a relevant blog post at your own blog.

    Even if you can’t get a link from the body, you can always write a detailed byline and link to your website from the bio, which is still more appropriate than the link coming from a “link partners” page or the footer of a random and non-relevant website.

  2. Exposure:
    As earlier suggested, guest blogging is more than a link building method.
    Another big advantage that you will get from guest blogging on a relevant blog is the exposure and the audience that you will be getting. And we are talking about real people, who will be visiting your website or blog, commenting on your posts, sharing it with their contacts, even buying your product or services (in case you are selling some on your website).
  3. Relevancy:
    We all know that relevancy matters, but getting a link from a relevant website can be quite tricky since most of these relevant websites will look at you as a competitor. And even if you get some links from a relevant website (often via link exchange), the links will be coming from a site/page with thin content.

    guest blogging

    On the other hand, if you can find blogs catering the same industry or market that you are looking to target (i.e. home improvement, travel, etc.), a guest post will give you a chance to get a back link from a relevant website, which is much better from SEO perspective.

  4. Natural:
    For years, Google has been persuading the webmasters to keep the on-page and off-page optimization natural. In other words, they don’t want you to overdo anything. They do not encourage anything which is done just for the sake of SEO. As they’ve mentioned on their link building guidelines “Before making any single decision, you should ask yourself: Is this going to be beneficial for my page’s visitors?”
    Guest blogging is one of those few SEO techniques that actually add a lot of value for the users.
  5. Level Playing Field:
    Lastly, the biggest advantage is of course, the level playing field. Problem with other methods is that businesses or websites with more money or resources can make it difficult for the small businesses or individuals to make a mark. But you can always catch up via guest blogging on authority websites. The best part is you don’t have to spend hefty amounts in order to be featured as a guest blogger.
Arba Hana is a link building expert and guest blogger for PostJoint. If you are looking for guest blogging or advertising opportunities, you can visit the website that connects bloggers and advertisers.

Have you ever done guest blogging?
Post your experiences below!

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