Guest Posts Guidelines for Affordable Internet Marketing

Below are my guest posts guidelines.

That’s because I quite often receive email request from people who want to know if I accept guest posts on Affordable Internet Marketing.

Guest posts are quite popular these days because many marketers want to leave their footprints behind on quality blogs. Hence the requests.

My answer is:

Yes, I do!“.

Guest Posts Guidelines
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But… I’m very picky.

I’ve set up guest posts guidelines to minimize the number of emails and to inform you well, so you have a better chance to get published.

Guest posts guidelines

  • the main criterion for a guest post is that its content should be HIGH QUALITY and VALUABLE for our readers, LIKE something they can work with or implement immediately in their marketing efforts,
  • as a guideline, your guest post should therefore be closely related to one of these topics:
    • Internet Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Marketing Software
    • Article Marketing
    • Blogs, WordPress and RSS
    • Video Marketing
    • Making Money Online
    • Traffic Generation
    • Product Creation
    • Search Engines
    • Social Media
    • Web Design

    and you must write your article in the interest of marketers all over the world,

  • a report of your own experiences, a great review or practical tips and tricks (how to’s) that can be applied immediately often work best for my blog audience
  • your post must be original, not have been posted before and you must agree not to post it anywhere else like in your own blog, other blogs or article directories, so your guest post must be exclusive for the Affordable Internet Marketing blog,
  • your guest post should be around 1000 words to give your article some body and quality, somewhat larger is ok, shorter isn’t,
  • SEO-wise, you focus on one key-phrase, use its singular and plural format, its synonyms and related key-phrases using Google Suggest and LSI phrases (just google LSI keyword generators like
  • if you’re conventional, you can add a 2 line (it says TWO!) bio including two links maximum to decent sites (no porn, hate, racism, gambling etc.) which will be DOfollow, but I rather prefer you to blend those 2 links into the content!

In the end, I’ll decide whether or not your guest posts will be published. Sometimes I decline them based on quality (or better: lack of quality), irrelevance or just because I have enough in the pipe line.

But if you deliver valuable content, most of the time I WILL publish.

Notice, that I may edit your guests posts slightly to make them more readable and to get them as successful as possible. For that reason I use a Flesch Reading Ease test.

I also may include a short few paragraphs to your guest posts to introduce you.

So, if you think you can handle this, you can send your contribution to:
support AT (replace AT by @)
and I’ll review it as soon as I can.

You can send it as text, Word or OpenOffice or HTML file, it’s up to you.

Mind you: following these guest posts guidelines drastically increases your chances of getting published!

Looking forward to that! 🙂

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