Getting Visitors to Your Website From Trade Shows

Getting visitors after launching your company’s website is a very exciting time!

You get to announce it to all your friends, family, and clients. You beam with pride over all the positive feedback. And if anyone has anything critical to say, they just obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s a great feeling passing out those updated business cards knowing that’s just one more visitor at your website – or will they?

What happens next? After the first few weeks of excitement wear off, how are you getting visitors to your website then? What’s going to make people want to check it out now?

There are many ways to keep the traffic flowing to your site, but have you ever considered exhibiting at a trade show to give a more personal edge to your site?

The individual interaction at trade shows allows for an exciting advantage over traditional methods of web marketing.

One-on-One Attention
Think about it – you are more likely to remember someone you meet over someone you just simply read about.

In the same way, a client or potential client will be more likely to remember and visit your website if they have had that personal impression from you. Through exhibiting, you have a chance to persuade your audience in person, without them being able to delete or ignore you. Thus you’re getting visitors to your website that are more motivated.

Value Promotion
For the few seconds you have their attention at your exhibit, you have the chance to convince the attendee of the value your website can provide to them, personally.

For example, if you are a weight loss company, inform them they can go online to your website to use your calculator to determine what their average weight should be and how much they need to lose.

If you are a moving company, let them know they can enter their new zip code on your website and discover a list of valuable local resources.

Getting visitors
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Again, you’re getting visitors that are targeted to your site.
The key is to give the attendees a reason and motivation to visit your website once they leave your booth, but you must make sure you have done your prep work ahead of time to ensure their visit is a success.

You can have your trade show attendees visit your website right there at your exhibit by having a laptop or tablet with your website displayed.

Have a reason such as a giveaway for them to go on your site right then. For example, you can say if they enter their email address on your website right then, they’ll receive a “Top Ten” list or some other relevant giveaway. This will get them on your site, navigating and seeing the feel and branding, and hopefully wanting to go back. Plus, you get their email address!

Practical Reminders
Another unique benefit to exhibiting is the ability to place a constant reminder of your website into your potential client’s hands.

Whether it’s a product relevant to your company or one they will use next to their computer, a physical reminder of your website can be a powerful web marketer on your behalf. You must ensure, though, that your giveaway is practical and valuable and will not just be thrown in the trash on the way to the next booth.

Although exhibiting is not for everyone and may not make sense for every company, it does provide an opportunity to breathe new life into your website and increase your web following. Consult with your local exhibiting company and discover just what exhibiting can do to getting visitors to your website!

Brian Patterson is an associate at Exhibit Edge, a leading trade show exhibit company based in the Washington, DC area. He has an extensive background in both online and offline marketing

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