How to generate more traffic for your blog or website

Many blogs and websites, yours probably included, have been created to provide additional streams of revenue. If you want to make money with your blog or website, you need to get traffic to your pages in order to turn a profit.

There are several things you can do to get more traffic to your website or blog.
Many methods have been tried because increasing the number of visitors to a site is vital to increasing business and boosting profitability.
Some of these methods for building traffic work better than others, and some of these are better suited for some sites and blogs than they are for others.

The following, however, are just some things that you can try today to help bring more traffic (and in turn more money) to your website or blog.

  • Keywords are key.
    Have you heard of SEO before? SEO, or search engine optimization, is comprised of many techniques that can boost traffic. This increase in visitors is caused by an increase in search result ranking which is a direct result of SEO activities, such as the using keywords.

    Selecting and utilizing keywords is a major component of SEO. As you create content for your blog or website, it is imperative to select niche-specific keywords that actual people will use as they search the internet. The keywords you choose should be low competition keywords that can make your content more likely to be at the top of search results.

    Picking keywords can be tough. Even after you turn into a keyword king, you will most likely want to use the Google Keyword tool to find the right low competition keywords for your pages or posts.

  • Be big on blogs.
    People love reading blogs. A lot of people regularly visit blogs, and many of these folds are constantly on the lookout for other blogs and sites to visit. You want these folks to find your website or blog.

    Find blogs that are related to your site’s niche. Make a list of these blogs that you like and respect, picking those with higher traffic and a lot of comments.

    After you have your list, begin to visit these blogs. Read the posts and leave valuable, quality comments that pertain to the post. If you can, relate the post to some content from your blog or website. While a good comment is vital, the most important part is leaving a link behind; everyone who sees and likes your comment needs to know your URL.

  • Be socially savvy.
    Social media is huge. The biggest of the social networks is Facebook, and that social network is expected to have one billion members sometime in summer 2012. This means that almost anyone and everyone is using these sites, and many other websites, blogs, and businesses have already set up a presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You also need to use these sites to get in touch with even more potential visitors for your site.

    Socialize to generate more traffic
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    Set up a presence on these top sites, and create profiles on any other network that appeals to your site or blog’s audience and their niche. Once on these sites, use them to share content from your sites; post links to new blog posts or to updated website content as it comes up. Not only will this let more people see that your site has new things to see, but it will also help to provide an SEO boost.

    Just make sure that you don’t make your social media page all about you and your site or blog. Your visitors and potential visitors really like social media when it is all about them. This means that you should be sure to share content from elsewhere on the web simply because you hope that they will enjoy it.

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