Gain traffic and traction to your new WordPress site

Many people think that to gain traffic to a new website is extremely complicated. The whole process can seem somewhat daunting, but by taking advantage of WordPress, building and marketing a website from scratch is much easier than it used to be.

Here are six tips to give you confidence to get your new website up and running and to gain traffic.

6 Ways to gain traffic and traction to your new WP site

  1. Don’t wait to get started
    Many people wait until they have all the answers before starting a website.
    Don’t. Start today. Install WordPress and start typing.

    As soon as you click on Publish for the first time, you have a website. If you install the Google sitemaps plug-in, your site will soon have a presence online. Search engines will start to find you. Your site and domain will start to age and you can start to gain traffic .

  2. Don’t worry about getting it right first time.
    One of the great things about the internet is that you can change things in a flash. If you have a page you don’t like then you can change it. It’s not like sending an expensive brochure to be pulped. WordPress based sites are easy to edit, so take advantage of this facility.

    In the first few months of your website’s life, not too many people are likely to see what you have written. But publishing a lot will help you gain traffic in the long run . So you will have plenty of opportunity to refine your first efforts as you get a clearer idea of what you want your site to do.

  3. Don’t be afraid to revisit your old content
    As your site evolves, sometimes it’s a good idea to revisit some of your old content. Perhaps it could be improved. Perhaps it could be used to give a great keyword rich link to some newer content on your site, thus gaining traffic. Perhaps, with an update, it could form the basis of an easily-written new post on a related subject.

  4. Don’t get bogged down in the appearance of your site
    Wordpress themes determine the look and feel of your site. There are many free themes out there which can be installed in a matter of moments. You can be assured that none of them will be exactly what you want.

    So don’t delay starting your website trying to find the perfect theme for what you are trying to achieve – it may not exist. Until you have some experience of the content you want on your website, you won’t really know all the things you need your WordPress theme to do. The first goals are to get that experience and to gain traffic.

    As themes are easily interchangeable, wait until you have a fair amount of content on your site before identifying what you want from your perfect theme. If you can learn a bit of the technical side of WordPress, it’s relatively simple to tweak a free WordPress theme to your requirements by creating a Child Theme – a stripped down theme that sits on top of another WordPress Theme and supersedes it when you want it to do something different with your website.

  5. Love plug-ins

    One of the best things about WordPress is the huge number of free plug-ins which are available. Plug-ins are bits of code that do specialist jobs on your WordPress site. These range from presenting a tag cloud to taking payments from customers. Quite a few can even be used to gain traffic.

    To gain traffic, love plugins
    Photo Credit: Javi

    The WordPress community has a plug-in solution for almost every problem you could imagine.

    Rather than trying to solve too many thorny technical problems in the early days of your site, rely on being able to find a plug-in later to solve your problem for you when your site has a few miles on the clock.

  6. Build a really good resources page for your subject.
    You should build a really great resources page covering everything your target visitors might want to know about your specialist subject. This will cause you to gain traffic too.

    You should aim to make this as useful as possible, giving DoFollow links out to the best blogs and websites you can find. Sometimes people will notice you have linked to them and they may give you a link back. When your site has a bit more credibility, you can write to them and tell them you have cited them as an authority. Again, they may link back to you. This is internet gold dust.

    And if they won’t help you and you change your mind about them in the future, you can remove them from your site if you want to.

    Building a great resources page will help you to get your new site up and running in two further ways.

    First, it gives you a great idea of what other sites are writing about, which should inspire you with ideas for your own website.

    And second, it provides something really useful for the small number of visitors you will get in the early days of your website’s life. They won’t have wasted their time visiting your new website.

So there you have it, six easy tips to encourage you to strike out and set up your new website without delay to get experienced and to gain traffic.

Mark Hoult is the writer of multiple websites, covering subjects ranging from the county of West Sussex to how to train for a half marathon.

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