Free website hosting sounds cool. But where does it fail?

Free website hosting is being offered by every other organization on the web today.
Websites try to lure visitors with catchy headlines of free website hosting and there are quite a few who fall prey to them.

Here is an insight of how free website hosting works and whether it is truly beneficial to you.

When a business organization offers anything for free, there has to be a loophole somewhere. This is because any business proposition finally looks to achieving profits.
Naturally an organization will not be foolish enough to give away anything for free without looking for returns. This is exactly true in free website hosting too.

Free Advertisement of their Products and Tools
The trick up their sleeve is that when a company offers free web hosting, it may lay down certain conditions such as advertising its products on your website. Thus even though they claim to have a cost free data center, your website provides a great platform to showcase their products and tools and promote them.

Here you do not have a choice in placing ads of your whim and regardless of the irrelevance of their products on your website, you are made to compulsorily have them flashing all over your pages. Not only that, more than half of your web page will be occupied making it look messy and cluttered, and generally not highlighting your content.

Inability to have Own Domain Name
A free website hosting service will not offer you your own domain name as you will always be bound to them. This takes the joy out of your work and additionally keeps you constricted in your approach.
You cannot have complete freedom to design the website as you had visualized. This may lead to lower standards in the quality and content of your website. Moreover these services offer less memory and bandwidth giving rise to numerous technical glitches that could be truly frustrating.
More often than not, the technical problems remain unsolved or may take weeks to get resolved.

Free website hosting does not include your own domain name
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Only One Page for Free
Most of the free hosting providers have another catch. They provide only one page for free and all the remaining web pages would be charged.
Others offer free web hosting only for a limited amount of time, after which you will have to pay royalty for hosting your site. If you do not oblige, you may lose your site or it may be blocked by them until you accede to their demands.

So, if you want to expand your website with more features added, then you may end up paying more than the regular web hosting services.

Low Ranking by Search Engines
Another major disadvantage of free website hosting is that it is given a lower ranking by search engines. So, if you have good quality content on your website, which deserves a better ranking, then you need to opt for a regular hosting company that provides good and flexible service to give you website the justice that it deserves.
One needs to remember the stark fact that there are no sentiments in business and no one offers anything for free if they are running a business.

Alyssa Clarke is a blogger and tech lover. She recently purchased the cool new Bang & Olufsen CD ripping device. She is a big car lover too and her dream machine is BMW i3.

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  1. Shane says:

    When I first started building websites I used free host but they were full of ads. Hosting these days is pretty cheap I pay a hundred dollars a year for my hosting and domain. If you using your site for business you want your site to look professional I’d suggest hiring a web designer and keep it simple without putting up ads all over it

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