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Some time ago I signed up for the Free Advertising Blog, a recent venture of Mike Filsaime.

It’s a really nice system and quite easy to use.
After signing up (for free!) you can post your 900 characters ad to the blog. That’s plenty of space to put a nice message in. And there’s a feature to create links, a bit primitive, but hey, it’s free.
Another very helpful feature is that you can save your ad. That comes in very handy if you want to post it again and make some slight changes.

After you hit the Post Ad button, your ad is displayed immediately. Depending on how many posters are active at that moment, your ad goes down the page until after some time it dissapears to the next page.

At the time of writing this, I found these figures: Total Member Count: 7699, Total Ads Posted: 12941
Now, that’s a lot, but ….

Your ad, although visible on the home page for a very limited amount of time, will stay on the next pages. That means, if spiders are not programmed to skip this (sort of) site, it could be spidered. So you’d better think twice about your links and anchor texts.

But it’s also a great resource for free traffic. The last time I’ve posted an ad, I did so for a very unknown website and through Google Analytics I was able to see traffic coming in via that ad. Not much, mind you, but there was traffic.

So, if you want another free traffic resource, here’s where to look: Free Advertising Blog.

Case Stevens

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