Why Free Traffic Generation Has Become Easier

Anyone working on free traffic generation from the search engines experiences that SE optimization is not any longer what it used to be.

We are told numerous stories about the many drastic changes in SEO and how harder it is to rank good keywords in Google. And then there are the horrible tales about getting penalized after achieving reasonable rankings (Penguin, Panda and more recently Pigeon)!

It seemed like too much work for not decent return for numerous people, so many of them gave up!

But for the really savvy optimizers, the last two years has seen something of a free traffic generation rebirth. A couple of things changed that really – a first in many, many years – made getting great search engine rankings easier for the happy few still optimizing.

See the image below, that’s proof of their results.

free traffic generation using search engines

Now, here’s the deal: click and watch the video below to discover how Franc did this and apply it to your own website:

increase your free search engine traffic

These few experts say that the reason others struggle with SE optimization is because they insist on continuing to play by the old rules. Since things that used to do the job, don’t work anymore, so that’s why these others get very disappointed and even frustrated.

And that’s exactly what is happening right now. The experts say however that’s no cause to brood.

That simply is the way the Internet works.
All forms of online marketing modify rapidly, whether it’s viral marketing, paid media, free traffic, – just to name a few topics randomly – the formulas are constantly shifting.
And we have the choice to either cry over it or, instead, keep ourselves up to date, and keep winning. That’s the game and that’s how it should be played!

So what are the new rules?

First of all, at last after a long time of Google’s saying that they want this, experts now think that in the end content is more crucial than links. A high quality content site can now establish authority and getting ranked well in the search engines with only a limited number of links .

And secondly, experts think a site that creates its content in the right way so it is of high importance to the right visitors, can in fact rank each piece of content for a greater number of keywords.

Why has free traffic generation become easier?

Well, less backlinks means those long times we used to spend on creating backlinks may now no longer be necessary. Sites with huge numbers of links are finding themselves surpassed in Google by sites with better, more relevant content according to Google’s definitions.
This is a huge boost to real businesses trying to get organic traffic.

And ranking for more keywords for each piece of content means that the days of filling a site with 20 articles on 20 different variations of your main keywords are over too. This means more traffic with less content, when done properly; another change that would make rankings faster and easier.

So what’s the proof?

Recently one such experienced SEO named Andrew Hansen published this video demonstrating how one of his students saw a 1000% increase in traffic over a 100 day period, and did so without building any backlinks. This seems to point to a confirmation of both ideas discussed above, and provides an interesting insight into what’s really working in Google right now.

For those trying to generate free traffic in the new world of SEO in 2014, this video is definitely worth a watch.

Andrew Hansen held a free webinar that explained how a lady he’s been coaching for the last 6 months grew her revenue from almost nothing, to $14,300 in the month of May.

(Hint: it had to to with the content strategy she employed)

I thought I’d send you a copy of this webinar replay to watch. You can click this link to watch it now.

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