Free Sales Letters

Lots of people don’t know how to write a sales letter. They just think they can’t write one.

That may be perfectly true when it comes to a ‘killer’ sales letter. Only a few people can.

Others can pop up a great sales letter, far beyond the abilities of the people who think they can’t.

But if you think you can’t write a decent sales letter, you’ll never get one written.

So, what you have to do is start creating a swipe file.
A swipe file contains examples of great sales letters, email messages, headers etc. that have actually pulled.

Before creating your sales letter, you browse through your swipe files and read them. Remember what appeals to you and then use it in your own sales letter. Do NOT copy, use your own words.

Here’s a great start: 19 Killer Sales Letter Templates! by Dan Lok.
(Note: Link deleted: Dan Lok Has Retired From Teaching Internet Marketing)

You can find lots of info and great resources on writing sales letters, like famous copywriter Michel Fortin. Here’s a great example: Write Magnetic Headlines With These 7 Tips or this great salesletter checklist by Dan Lok.

The message here is: start your own swipe file to create good sales letters.
Do it now!


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