How High-Quality Free Giveaways Can Make You Money.

Free giveaways are an excellent way to build your lists.

What exactly is a GiveAway?
It’s an event where marketers join together to increase their subscription base by giving away something for free.

The host of these free giveaways invites partners, who basically also are list owners in the same niche, to contribute a gift, like

– an Ebook,
– a special report,
– a video or audio product,
– a free membership or
– software or a script.

The host lists all gifts contributed by the partners and the visitors can select them by clicking the gifts.
When they click, they are redirected to the partner’s sign up page where they can download the gift in exchange for their email address.
So, they get a valuable item at no cost, but that email address can be regarded upon as a payment.

Now it’s up to the partner of the free giveaways and her listbuilding capacities to develop her own sales funnel to get and keep these visitors in there and make money from them!


Where do the visitors to a free giveaway come from?
Easy. Apart from people visiting the event as a result of promotion campaigns, they come from the lists of all partners, who, in order to participate, are obliged to promote the event.

Of course you can advertise or promote the event in different ways to attract visitors, but for the most part it’s actually a subscribers swap.


How to recognize a quality giveaway?

  1. Strong partners with huge lists of eager buyers, who will promote the event. Not all huge list owners will do that, but those with a reputation will.
  2. The giveaway event host is reputable, can be trusted and checks promotion activities of the partners.
  3. Partners should be in the same niche.
  4. Although event hosts always want as many partners as possible, a certain limitation is desired to prevent information overflow for the visitors. That’s why events like this are always limited in time.

I’ve listed an excellent, high quality GiveAway event below, but you have to be fast, cause it starts soon.


Why would you want to join free giveaways as a partner?
Because it’s a great way to build your list if you take listbuilding seriously.
If the lists of the partners contain lots of potential buyers, you get an opportunity to persuade them to get on your list. Bingo!

In most GiveAway events you get a chance to upgrade your participation for a fee. This ensures a higher ranking of your gift in the complete list, thus making a better chance of getting visitors to subscribe to your list.
In almost all events I participate, I take this option, cause it drastically improves results.


What do you need to participate in a quality GiveAway event?

  1. A mailing list. Rather than a huge one, events like this ask for a quality list. Only 1,000 eager subscribers is much better than 10,000 freebie seekers.
  2. A gift. Again, offer a high quality gift rather than some updated PLR report, as subscribers will recognize this immediately and leave your list faster than they’ve subscribed to it.
  3. Your Sales Funnel for follow up and sales. You therefore better use a reputable autoresponder service.
  4. Download page with support email.
  5. Images like Ebook covers or software boxes that support your gift. A mug shot will always help to support yourself and build trust.

In order to avoid freebie seekers that will only clutter my list, I always make the free gift available on my download page and ask for a subscription using another incentive. In that case, you’ll need 2 gifts.


Want to participate in a high quality GiveAway?
Do you need more subscribers coming from great partners? If you answered that with a yes, I have a personal invitation for you.

Even if you have a small list of, let’s say 750 to 1,000 subscribers, you can participate as long as they are responsive.

The procedure to participate is very easy as everything is checked automatically. You can’t make mistakes.

Check out this High Quality GiveAway Event!
Your invitation code is: Fn91V7E8G

After that, let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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12 thoughts on “How High-Quality Free Giveaways Can Make You Money.

  1. Case Stevens says:

    While I’m not saying it’s easy, list building isn’t difficult either.
    You have to sit down and use your brains to come up with a great schedule of interesting follow up messages that your visitors can use for their own ventures. And then apply that, of course.
    In general, the problem is that no one wants to take time to do just that and monitor the schedule.
    As a matter of fact, most people visiting this blog don’t do any form of list building and neither do those in forums I frequent.
    Which makes me happy in a sense… –> less competition. 🙂

    Oh, and…

    It’s not the size that counts…
    It’s what you do with it.
    Mae West

  2. Samantha says:

    Hi, Email marketing is dead in my opinion. Everyone is switching to social media. Free giveaways on FaceBook and Twitter- yes, free giveaways via email- complete waste of money. Just my opinion, Thanks

    • Pure360 says:

      Although I agree email marketing is not what it used to be, it is far from realty to say it is dead.
      Social media works well with certain audiences. While it is a great tool to connect between customers and business, it does not substitue any other marketing technique.
      With email marketing you can target a different audience to social media’s. And depending on the sector you work in, it may still deliver great results.
      A true marketing campaign is that one that understands and connects all the marketing techniques, and not just one…

      • I don’t think email marketing is dead at all. In fact I think it is thriving. Social networks and media are a great way to get people to your list, but once they are on your list, you have a better chance of keeping their attention.

        I think it’s important that you don’t spam your list with useless crap, but subscriber are interested in relevant helpful tips that will help them solve the problem they signed up to the list for.

        Just MHO.


  3. Sam says:

    Arrgh, I just wrote a massive reply and lost it! SO frustrating.

    I don’t think email marketing is dead at all. Sure, it may seem a little archaic in the face of social media but it definitely still works if done right.

    If you have a good database, and are careful in your promotion and construction of wording etc you will still see the response. Whether you are giving away free products or interesting information, the cumulative effect builds trust and appreciation.

    Social media marketing and email marketing are certainly not mutually exclusive either! Working your message or giveaway/promotion across mutliple platforms just increases your chances of conversion

  4. Rates says:

    This is a great tip for those who wanted to earn more. Giveaway can make you money is an article that have a great impact to those who aspire to earn extra. This is my objective in life and sharing it is what you did. I have gained extra knowledge and the tip is a sure hit. Thanks a lot for posting. Wonderful sharing of ideas.

  5. Daniel says:

    I’ve been thinking about giveaways for my site but I’m struggling with what to give away.

    I think email marketing can still work. The problem is that people tend to just delete emails that look like adverts or promotions. Email marketing works best for getting repeat customers rather than generating new leads.

    Graphic Design Software

  6. Samantha your comment makes me laugh obviously you do not have a responsive email list. Twitter is absolutely horrible to get paying customers. Who sits around and reads Tweets all day? Not many people. You have to have a huge following on Twitter to get even modest results.

    Social media is just that social media people are on there to socialize not buy for the most part.And free giveaways can work great if your involved in the big ones. They can be a great way to build up a big list which is where the money is. Adswaps also work very well. Good post, thanks!

  7. Marc The Hypnosis Guy says:

    One of the disadvantages of email marketing is: A report issued by the e-mail services company Return Path, as of mid-2008 e-mail deliverability is still an issue for legitimate marketers. According to the report, legitimate e-mail servers averaged a delivery rate of 56%; twenty percent of the messages were rejected, and eight percent were filtered.

  8. Give aways work. I’ve done several on my blog, giving away books and such. Not a tidal wave of new visitors and sign ups like if were to give away an iPod or something…

  9. Florida Speeding Ticket Lawyer says:

    On my own experience one way to improve a list is you must help personally in list building, make lots of phone calls, tell a friend’s friend, and joint venturing. EFFORT is the key here, keep track of your list before and after, if you are not tracking every single list building process you have done you’re just wasting your resources. Great post by the way!

  10. bhez says:

    Give aways can help earning more money. But I think advertisement, hear-say and promotion of the product is more important. Give away may work for some. As long as it will not lead you to bankruptcy. It should be little things that would magnetize the buyer, things which they can’t resist to have. Things that would satisfy the buyer and for this, the investor would benefit.

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