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It’s early in the morning. You’re still sleepy-headed from your busy day before as you check into your email account.

A colleague has emailed you a highly amusing video of some guy trying to teach his dog tricks. The video really is hilarious and you would like to share it with your friends. You immediately forward this video to your ten best friends.

Did you observe what happened here?
People love to distribute interesting videos to their friends. The creator of that video understands this force videos have on people and wishes his video to get the maximal viewer ship and therefore offers it for free.

Free Camtasia, Viral Videos, Website Traffic
What could happen if you, savvy Internet marketer, utilized this concept to your advantage?
What if you created a comical or challenging or pepping up video and mailed it to people with a elusive reference to your internet site?

Visitors would be happy to pass it on and within hours, your video can be looked at by thousands of people, all of who will be shown the link in the video to your site and business.

This is an highly powerful way of pulling in free traffic and a lot of marketers are applying it right now to acquire a competitive edge.
If you haven’t examined this process, you need to jump on it immediately. There are tons of websites where you are able to post your videos for highest view ship but only some can genuinely supply largest impact for your business.

So, let me ask you this question: “What is keeping you from creating your own videos?”.

“What’s that …

…software, expensive?”

Yes, you’re right, but here’s a great opportunity if you take these steps…

  1. Download Camtasia Studio for free.
  2. Register to have a registration link sent to you by email.
  3. Install the software and input the registration key where prompted.

Because this version of Camtasia has some real time limitations, there’s an upsell for the latest version for half the price. But you can still do wonders with the old version.

So get off that couch right now, turn off the TV, start your PC and download your copy of Camtasia.
Install the stuff and create some great videos.

Then, take Massive Action.

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