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In my previous post How To Maximize Your Forum Posts Results I showed you what you should do to get the most out of your forum posts.

As promised in that post, here’s a sneaky but entirely ethical method to virtually ensure you acquire an onslaught of visitors and, if you’re smart, new subscribers.

Look for a hot subject.
In most forums you can find out how often a thread has been read and how many posts it contains. You want to discover one that’s ‘burning hot’. It would be even much better if it involves a extremely controversial or emotional topic, because these forum posts get read often and tend to grow very rapidly.

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Compose an article about the discussed topic.
You know the subject matters, or it wouldn’t be so hot. Basically you are getting into the conversation that already occurs in their minds. If a problem is being talked about, your article should offer a solution, a case study, a bulleted tip-list, a tutorial or shortcuts or whatever this audience is seeking (they’ll let you know you right there in their posts).

Give your post a compelling subject line (check if the forum allows this – most do).
In other words, don’t use the original subject, because that is already passed from post to post within that thread. You want to give it a new, intriguing and compelling subject, similar to article titles and your headlines in sales pages and ads, but you might prefer to hint at being controversial as well. Then people will sit straight and read your post because they think it’s “gonna be good.” So most importantly, don’t be boring.

Let me give you some quick illustrations about how you could start your subject with a “controversial edge:”

– Wait a minute, what about…
– I don’t think so…
– I think you have it backwards…
– What about… plus it’s free!
– This is the best one I’ve seen…
– Umm…no…
– What I did was…
– That’s good, but this is easier…
– You can’t go wrong with…
– Why do that, when…
– Actually…
– Let me see if I got this straight…

In your post you only share a solid portion of your article and link to your article for the rest, where you have -of course- an opt in box with an incentive if they subscribe. I advise testing an archive of articles related to that topic or a mini-course.
Evidently your subject and lead must be strong and you prefer to stop at a point that leaves them hanging (the cliffhanger).

Give these forum readers your best tip and leave them wanting more. Suppose you’re at a forum for blues guitar and you see plenty of discussion on discovering to play guitar licks like Stevie Ray Vaughn. You set up a tutorial with tablature entitled “9 Stevie Ray Riffs You Can Learn to Play in an Hour.” In your thread post, you give way your best riff right there to prove you’ve got the goods. And then send them to your tutorial for the additional 8 riffs.

Or maybe you’re looking through a forum about stop smoking. Obviously these visitors would like to know the most effective ways to quit smoking. So you compose an article about it and then you return and declare “Here are the precise steps I took to stop smoking… and for over one year now I’ve been smokeless”.
Don’t forget that people prefer to learn from somebody who’s been there and done that. Whenever you are able to be that individual, you’ll have a steady flow of leads coming after your website wanting more. It simply doesn’t get any easier than this.

Whenever you bump into a hot topic that lends itself well to a list of resources, include your list offer as one of the resources. If you have, for example, an e-course entitled, “7 Ways to Stop Acne”, you can write a great “Top 10 Free Acne Resources”. And naturally your e-course is one of those free resources.
And don’t forget to leverage your content. Use it for articles, forum and blog posts, a free PDF report, whatever and wherever you can.

It’s likely that other list owners will publish it, because your article contains FREE resources. And as an additional bonus to get them to reprint it, you could allow them to include one of their own resources into your article. Heck, you can even pass the content with private label rights under the condition that your resource stays intact as is. Which means they can alter anything else they desire and even claim authorship, but your resource stays. And that means even more exposure for you.

Try it!
And let me know how you’re doing.
Or post your response below if you think I forgot something.
Or if you have other interesting tips.

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7 thoughts on “Forum Trick For Traffic Surge

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Darlene
    You could start with the Warrior forum and Digital Point forums.
    Both allow a signature, although you have to make 10 posts first at Digital Point.
    Both forums are very responsive.
    Check the forum rules first and watch how others are doing. Then improve.

  2. AnneMarie Callan says:

    Case – that is a great ‘sneaky’ trick and I shall definitely give it a shot.

    Keep meaning to subscribe to your RSS feed so will do that now – as you always have amazing content to share.


  3. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks AnneMarie.
    If everything goes as planned, I’m going to surprise you even more one of these weeks. 🙂

  4. Case Stevens says:

    @James, Mark
    Thanks guys.
    You’re right James, make it count!
    And Mark, visit Rome one day. Fantastic!

  5. This is a great post Case.

    I’ve tried the resource list idea before; incorporating a few of my relevant posts into a list of key resources in another post.

    Searching for hot topics on forums as inspiration for Articles and then leveraging the forum in the way you describe is a great idea. It’s a win win situation for all concerned. I’ll definitely be trying this out.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Case Stevens says:

    @Mwangi Glad to be of help Mwangi. If you use it, please let us know how you’re doing.

    @Martin Glad you agree Martin

    @Karen And please let us know about the results Karen 🙂

  7. I have played around with using forums with mixed success.

    Like everything else, it can be difficult to optimise the use of your time since you have to read the debate that is going on as well as composing something that is highly relevant and attractive to the readers.

    Clearly you want to find the hot topics in your market area so get your Google Alerts set up because I believe your aim is to get in there early because people read the first few responses and then start scanning.

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