Birthday Firesale. Celebrate with me?

I guess it’s no longer a secret that I’m in Spain right now.

The temperature is rising here into the mid fourties.
Which is rare, since it usually is not more than just a nice 30-32 degrees Centigrade.

So we have a ‘heat’ wave.

I’m not complaining, that’s what we got here for.

And ….

We’re having a Fiesta.

This week I’m celebrating my birthday. The actual date is the second of August, but since this is Spain, we’ll
celebrate all week.

I want you to join, so I’ve set up a little Firesale of my own.
Not many, but very powerful products, that you can use right away to

– make money,
– generate traffic,
– build your list.

More information is at Firesale to Celebrate my Birthday.

Make it a success.


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