Feedburner: It’s True-gle!

Today, on their blog, Feedburner announced that the take-over by Google is official.
Google announced it on their Official Google Blog.

A great achievement by the Feedburner guys!

“FeedBurner has been acquired by Google. The local weather forecast calls for general euphoria with intermittent periods of off-the-rails delight.”

Here’s an interesting question from their FAQ:

Q. What are Google’s plans for integrating FeedBurner into Google technology? Will it become part of the Google advertising platform and/or Google Reader? Will it be integrated into Google Analytics?

A. Our teams will work to improve the experience of our users, publishers, and advertisers, but it’s too early to know how FeedBurner’s technology will be integrated into Google. We do not have any news to share about integration plans at this time.

Just have to wait and see, I guess.

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