Top 5 Types of Facebook Posts to Attract Fans

Facebook Live Feed provides users with multiple entertainment options. If one post is ordinary or boring, all one has to do is scroll down to the next and this is what people do all the time.
Therefore, in order to attract fans to your business or brand, it is very important that your posts be distinctive and quirky so that they get the attention and response you are looking for.

Here are some ways in which you can do that:

  1. Make it Funny
    Nothing sells better than humor. Anything that elicits even a smile is likely to remain in people’s memory. Thus, making your posts funny as well as informative is very important.

    Take the delicious biscuit brand Oreo for example; they publish witty newsjacks of current events using their biscuit to produce some hilarious posts. One such post says ‘At least we don’t have to wear special shoes when we dunk.’ Not likely to forget that, are we?

    It has been rightly said that laughter is the best medicine, and consumers are far more likely to remember something amusing you have shared than plain news-like updates about what you have been up to.

    The primary rule in advertising is to make your campaign memorable, and humor, if rightly used, can definitely help your marketing efforts create more of an impact among your potential consumers. This rule applies to your Facebook posts, in addition to your general marketing strategy as well.

    facebook posts - make them funny
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    Cheers To Some Fun!

  2. Engage Your Audience
    For users to read a post, it must be striking as well as engaging. It should ideally touch a chord with their emotions in some minimal way; it should evoke laughter, concern, sorrow, pity, delight, and so on.

    Such posts stay with the reader till much after they see it; in fact, in fact they are likely to even reach friends and friends-of-friends in no time, if it is very moving.

    For instance, Hot 104.5 FM, published a picture of the classic trio – Chance, Sassy and Shadow from Disney’s cult flick Homeward Bound. The tagline was “ ‘Like’ if you remember this amazing trio”. They accumulated about 1,400 shares, 2,000 comments, and 160,000 likes in a matter of hours!

    If it’s eye catching and interesting, you know your fans will share it across their own networks and help spread the word, helping you generate a larger audience.

  3. Create a Controversy
    Everyone loves a little gossip and controversy. However, it should not be something that can incense or instigate people, the idea is to create just a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ for a short period. Lets take a example of the posts by Old Spice and Taco Bell that go like this:

    Old Spice: Why is it that “fire sauce” is not made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising.
    Taco Bell: Is your deodorant made with really old spices?

    This is the general idea – keep things interesting with a wee bit of cattiness, but do not create controversies that shall make it to the headlines. There’s a fine line between wisecracks and plain old mudslinging – recognize this line and don’t step ahead of it.

  4. Say What Is Important
    Businesses join social networks with the purpose of expanding their enterprise. Thus, keeping the end goal in mind, one has to do what must be done as well; promote and advertise.

    However, it must be done artfully and in a manner that interests people. Popchips, for instance, posted a picture of a young lad eating their chips so excited that they are falling all over, even onto his face. The tagline says ‘Weekend’s here. Time to get chip-faced.’

    Social media marketing is not just all fun and games, it’s an important part of your marketing strategy. As a result, ensure that your Facebook posts do fulfill the basic duty of letting more people learn about your brand and business. Of course, it’s good to be entertaining, but don’t let the extent of entertainment drown out your core message – of promoting your products or services.

  5. Something Purely Informative Too
    Intersperse the interesting posts with those that are purely informative. This is just to remind your audience that any information they need about your brand can be found on your Facebook Page.

    This can help your fans depend on your Facebook page as the primary source of information about anything new that your company has introduced or is working on. It can be announcements about your latest offerings, any form of recognition that your company has received in the press or media, or even about any new business associations or partnerships you may have forged. Let your fans learn more about your company through your Facebook page as well.

Vishal is the founder of Appsquare, an app development company in Australia that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas.

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