Facebook Ads: 3 New Ideas for Higher Profits

Facebook ads are very popular among some marketers these days.

That’s because there are lots of demographics available to laser target your ads to your prospects.

That’s even going to improve with the new updates Facebook ads are undergoing.

Jane Smith knows more about that and that’s why her guest post is published today.

Read carefully, so you can make some money using this advertising vehicle.

3 New Ideas to Get More Out of Your Facebook Ads

As Facebook approaches its IPO, internet marketers and advertisers everywhere are getting pretty excited.

Why marketers and advertisers?

Because the road the IPO has been paved with extensive and on-going improvements to the already vastly popular ad program.

Though not active yet, the most recent updates to Facebook’s advertising system will enable marketers to optimize their ads and will give them the opportunity to better understand their consumer base and what drives their purchasing and clicking habits.

The advantage of advertising on Facebook has always been that you have the ability to devise a marketing strategy based on certain groups, which are self-identified in user profiles.
If a person likes Pink Floyd, for instance, and puts that in her profile, a company will know whether and when to advertise to her based on her likes and dislikes.

Premium ads and an extended feature set for the ads manager in Facebook now gives marketers even deeper insights into their customers’ habits. The new system allows advertisers to set different metrics for different campaigns, for example, which allows them to run ads for those groups most likely to post comments or “like” something.

But the expanded capability comes at a cost. Marketers now need to strive to be more genuine and organic than ever before. Here are a few ways to take advantage of the new ad system, while staying organic and authentic in the eyes of your customers.

Facebook Ads and Video

Premium ads give marketers the ability to embed video directly in an ad space, which can be viewed entirely from the ad itself, and can also be clicked to take users to another page.
This means that ads play two roles at once, great increasing their effectiveness.

The more actions you include in an ad — a video with a link and a like button would have three possible actions — the more effective your ad will be. And the great thing is that when the new Facebook ad updates go live, you can optimize your budget according to which action is the most important for your campaign.
If all you want is for you customers to watch and share a video, than you can prioritize your ads to target users who would be most likely to do so

One of the great things about premium ads is that they use the content you post on a fan page. For example, if you have a new line of clothes or products coming out in the summer, you can showcase the new items in a premium ad.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as it seems. Remember that an ad’s organic quality will become more and more important as Facebook continues to release updates to their ad system.
Sometimes it will be difficult to post material that will attract customers and work as an organic ad. (By the way, when we say “organic” we mean an ad’s ability to appear as if it is not an ad. Turns out, people on Facebook don’t like to feel as though they are being sold to, even if that’s exactly what’s happening.)

So, when you’re trying to come up with ads that seem organic, make sure that they mirror posts you would have on your page. If you normally post articles about fashion advice, then make an ad that gives some summer fashion advice, picturing pieces from your newest summer line that visually represent the advice.

Premium ads also allow marketers to call their customers to action, making the ads somewhat interactive. The action can’t, however, be something forced, like “Click this link to buy our product”; rather, it should be something fun that intrigues and engages your customers and communicates your trustworthiness as a brand.
Asking followers to post an image in response to some kind of prompt (“post an image of you and your friends using our product in a cool way”) is a great way to go.

Facebook ads continue to be one of the best ways to connect with consumers, but as time passes, marketers will have to continue finding new ways to be authentic and organic to keep their customers clicking.

Jane Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. She writes about free background checks for Backgroundcheck.org. Questions and comments can be sent to: janesmth161 @ gmail.com.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Ads: 3 New Ideas for Higher Profits

  1. GhaflaGuy says:

    In this post Facebook-IPO era, I wonder if the Facebook Ads will remain relevant in the face of extreme competition from Google Adsense and upcoming Ad companies. As a fledging internet marketer I’m watching this space curiously.

  2. Andre Jensen says:

    As a marketer, I definitely see value in being able to target specific audiences based on individual interests. It’s rare to have this type of segmentation power.

    However, as a “individual”, I feel that this is almost crossing that line where I feel that my privacy is being invaded. To a point where I’m seriously considering cancelling my account…And I’m a long-time facebooker, been active since the first year it launched. I hope they make some changes to their policy, but I highly doubt it as now they are public and will be held to even more rigorous ad revenue goals.

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