Why employ social media monitoring techniques

The Importance of Social Media Monitoring
Just recently —in November—, Facebook announced with much fanfare that it had crossed the billion mark of users on its social media platform and a breakdown of this modern phenomenon —the use of social media for networking—showed that approximately a sixth of the world’s population are active participants on the Facebook platform.

Is your business on it?

While Facebook may set the pace, the wide spread use of social media for networking and communication is not limited to it alone for other networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. also have very large followings that businesses can tap valuable clients from.

Opening a social media account for your business is just the first step of maximizing social networking while monitoring your accounts —which is the second step— is also a very key research material that can be used in running a business.

Why Social Media Monitoring is Key to a Business Success
Keeping records of all business procedures —having a social media account is one— you take, is a process all business organizations that plan to be successful can not do with out and having a monitoring culture for your business practices is highly advised but why is monitoring your social media accounts important?

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  • Estimating your business reach
    Most websites today show the amount of Facebook likes, friends and Twitter followers they have and this can serve as a quick indication of the number of people that are interested in your services.

    Further analysis can also be done with the use of Google analytic tools and others to determine the geographical region of your users, how many minutes they spent on your site and how many times they have returned.
    This information can be incorporated into your content marketing and manufacturing process in such a way that your business provides materials that speak directly to your customers.

  • Maintaining Customer Relations
    Another benefit of monitoring your social media accounts lies in customer relations for it retweets and comments gives you a direct insight into what your customers are thinking.
    And if those thoughts are contradictory to your message or organizations goals, a quick reply is all that is needed to put that particular customer on the right part.
  • Public Relations Management
    No matter how good your services or goods are, the probability of having one or two customers who just dislikes what a business offers can crop up.
    In-depth social media monitoring can quickly pin-point disgruntled customers who may be carrying out smear campaigns against your organization through the use of blogs, review sites and social networks. You can quickly assess damages and control them by releasing press statements or newsletters across all your social media accounts and this message would definitely get to your followers and address any issues they might have.
  • Creating an online brand
    Having social media accounts across all major platforms and monitoring them with a view to creating better contents your clients can understand is a cheap strategy of creating a huge following or an online brand for your organizations.
    This tip is geared towards start-ups and entrepreneurs planning to bring their businesses or whatever services they offer to a wider customer base. Therefore constant updates of quality and informative short messages should be done by those who fall into the above category.

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