5 Simple Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of social media marketing and still one of the most effective.

Building your email list allows you to expand your reach, build your business and increase your profit.

If you’ve come to a list-building standstill, there are simple ways you can continue to increase the number of subscribers.

Try one of these tactics or a combination of a few to encourage people to get on your list. These five simple ways will help you get your next email marketing newsletter into more inboxes than the previous one.

  1. Don’t Overlook the Obvious.
    Plain and simple, there should be a sign-up option on your website. When customers or viewers land on your website, there should be a few different opportunities for them to find information about your newsletter and sign-up for it.

    If you have a few sign-up options throughout your site and they’re not bringing the results you hoped for, take a review of your site or employ the assistance of an internet marketing agency to make sure your website entices viewers to convert to subscribers.

  2. Employ the Social Media Trifecta.
    For social media marketing to be fully effective, you really have to use the three-pronged approach. An email marketing newsletter alone isn’t effective enough to create the kind of reach you need to build your business.

    In addition to your email newsletters, you should be plugged in and consistently active on two other social media venues. Whether those two venues include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or another site is up to you. Choose venues you feel comfortable with and use them regularly.

  3. Distribute Sample Email Newsletters.
    People are overwhelmed by the amount of email that shows up in their inbox daily. Since a good deal of email these days is spam, it’s understandable that consumers might be reluctant to sign-up for your email newsletter.

    Encourage them to do so and let them know it won’t be a waste of their time by providing a sample. Share newsletter samples in-person, online or thru social media marketing so viewers can enjoy a no-strings-attached copy before committing to a subscription.

  4. Get Involved in Community and Professional Events.
    Your local community can become a treasure trove of connections that helps you build your email subscriber list and your business.
    Even if you operate an internet business, you can and should still get involved in local community events, as well as professional gatherings. Be sure to provide others at these events with the opportunity to sign-up for your email newsletter. When you’re at professional or networking meetings, talk to other business owners about email marketing to share tips, insight and wisdom.
  5. Provide an Opt-In Option on Your Business Blog.
    It sounds like a no-brainer, but can be easily overlooked. More than likely, you have a sign-up option allowing viewers to subscribe to your blog.

    But, do you have a sign-up option for your email newsletter, as well? Your blog is an ideal place to include this, especially if you have a regular and growing list of blog subscribers.

It’s essential that your methods for building an email marketing list do not leave would-be-subscribers feeling inundated or annoyed. Although there’s nothing wrong with being assertive, you don’t want to be pushy.

If you’re working with an internet marketing agency on your social media marketing plan, ask the individual or team you’re working with to help you develop additional ways to build your email marketing list. Use their suggestions along with the ones provided here on a consistent basis to see your subscriber list build steadily.

Mary Ylisela writes for TouchpointDigital.co.uk, an internet marketing agency that provides services in Social Media, Paid Search and Search Engine Optimisation.

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