5 Easy Ways to Test Email Campaign Marketing

Email campaign marketing doesn’t seem to be effective these days due to the low open rates that plenty of Internet marketers complain about.

They set up their email campaigns and let them run for a while, but their click-trough rates are pathetic.

And they’ll soon stop, because all their efforts do not lead to the desired results. They soon regard email marketing as worthless.

There IS a solution for that problem. That’s what is in today’s post.

How to Test Your Email Campaign Marketing

Email marketing is a popular and effective tool for most Internet marketers, companies and organizations, because it allows them to reach a wide segment of their target market for very little money and few resources.

Internet Email Campaign Marketing
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But getting exactly the right formula in place to maximize open rates in their email campaign marketing efforts can be tricky and a little time consuming.

Here, we’ve outlined the biggest “tweaks” marketers can make to get the most bangs for their email bucks.

  1. First, the easiest variable to test in email campaign marketing is the subject line.
    Different keywords, the company’s name, tone, and personalized information can all be experimented with.

    A quick study conducted by an email marketing service, MailChimp, found that of the emails sent via their service, the ones that boast the highest open rates have the company’s name first, are straightforward, and not considered “salesy.”

    Most email marketers believe in leading with strong, creative language, but sometimes less is more.

    Testing these subject lines on your target market will help you discover what they respond best to.

  2. Another easy email marketing “tweak” involves testing the send day and time.
    What is the best time for your message to reach your audience? Is it early on Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, or on the weekend?
    By testing your time and day, you’ll be able to find your target markets’ time of peak receptiveness.
  3. Email marketers should also consider testing the emails creative and copy as well.
    Consider changing the tone of the copy to suit the audience, for example, more formal for physicians and more conversational for writers.
  4. Also, play with personalizing the content.
    Including a recipient’s name or title might increase the email’s click-through rates.
  5. The email’s offer should also be tested.
    Experiment between hard and soft sells, various discounts levels, and wording. For instance, would using the term “free” be better received than “no-cost”?

    While they might seem like simple and insignificant changes to the marketer, these little things might actually encourage the recipient to open and read through the email.

In order to conduct these tests in the most comprehensive manner, email marketers should remember to only test one variable at a time and always use a control email.

For example, when testing days of the week, the email list should be randomly segmented into two groups. The first group will get the email at the regular day and time, and the second group will receive the email at the test day and time.

Also, keeping accurate and extensive details of each test will help marketers keep track of their changes, “tweaks”, and revisions. Testing a great deal of variables can get confusing after a while, so taking notes is definitely beneficial.

Overall, email campaign marketing has the ability to dramatically increase their exposure, open and click-through rates with just a few simple tests to their email campaigns. Again, it is a great return for proportionally little effort.

What’s your take on an email marketing campaign?
Post your comments below.

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8 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Test Email Campaign Marketing

  1. Tracy Crawford says:

    We have found that designing and testing the “Quantity” of content is very important as well and to make sure this aligns with the expectations you set when you gained the subscription in the first place. A busy B2B client who is expecting a short, single subject bulletin on a product update but sees in the preview pane a newsletter with many subjects may be much less likely to open.

    Great article – thx!

  2. Andreas says:

    When testing email marketing campaigns, also test the response rate from different days of the week and find out what works best for you. For example, some mailings will work best on tuesdays, other mailings may only work on weekends.

  3. LCblog says:

    The article was great. Advertising is a tricky business but then thats how the world goes round so its always nice to read things like this— somebody is extendiong out a helping hand. I for one hate to see the “Death of a Salesman.” so thanks, Tim.

  4. Jason says:

    Hmm, it’s still hard to digest email marketing testing tricks. I admit, this one’s my weakness, and I’m really afraid of trying this marketing method, but still interested in trying it. Most experts say that the money is in the relationship you build through emails, I guess testing them while launching the campaign is very important. The tone of the copy, that’s what I should start on working on first. Then I guess I’ll start with this slowly but surely 🙂
    Great post Tim.


  5. Roslyn says:

    I run across this email marketing most of the time and it’s risky. These strategies are big help for a starter like me. I tried Personalizing emails and constructing direct and polite ideas. It’s is a big plus.

  6. Peter Davies says:

    Hi Tom

    I find that far too many marketers use the cheap tricks for open rates such as ‘Notification Of Payment Received’ and its hurting the industry.

    I have recently noticed a drop in open rates in my own email marketing – in the IM niche in particular there are far too many Ad Swaps going on so too many people are on each others subscriber lists.

    My approach now is to focus on content and value above all else with some unpredictability by varying the type of content which will hopefully serve me well going forwards



    • Case Stevens says:

      The IM niche – if that’s a nice; too crowded I think – is a different kind of story.
      In there, you show your magic tricks to other magicians.
      Some of them are nasty and will do anything to gain a dollar.
      There are tons of easier ones.

  7. article says:

    Great post on strategies for email campaigns and making sure that you have a strategy in place for preventing unsubscribes. Another key component to a successful email campaign is maximizing open rates by analyzing the time of day, day of the week, and other metrics to increase the likelihood that the reader will open the email and engage. Here are some additional tips to include in an email campaign strategy: http://www.event360.com/blog/what-is-the-best-time-day-to-send-fundraising-emails-to-maximize-open-rates/

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