Why An Email Autoresponder Is A MUST Have IM Weapon

An email autoresponder is software, that automatically sends pre-fabricated messages in a pre-set frequency.

Actually it would be better to call such software an email follow up system, but email autoresponder is more often used in Internet marketing.

Your email autoresponder swings into action as soon as one of your visitors has raised her hand to receive something from you.

That may be your newsletter, a freebie, a report or a product or service.

email autoresponder
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It will reply automatically, sending the information your visitor requested.

Plus…whatever else you have put in that system.

That’s exactly why an email autoresponder is a MUST have marketing instrument.

You can contact your prospects and customers over and over again. This in contrast to the single shot you have on your web page.

Contacting your subscribers over and over again implies that it should be well worth their time and effort, otherwise they will leave your list soon.

So, to make this email marketing strategy work and to avoid dissatisfied subscribers, you initially have to deliver exactly what you promised, nothing less, but also nothing more in the frequency that you promised.

After that, you can slowly try to build a relationship by offering more on the same topic!
Thus you bind your subscribers to you and make them trust you, so they may buy products that you recommend to them as a reliable resource.

When you want to select an email autoresponder, you basically have three choices.

  1. Free email autoresponders.
    These are only good to learn the game. They send ads with your messages, do not provide all necessary features and aren’t very reliable.
    If you’re starting out from scratch, use one of these services. You can find plenty of them in your favorite search engine.
  2. Use an email autoresponder script.
    There are some great ones available on the Net. But, you’ll have to install and maintain them yourselves. That requires a bit of technical knowledge.
    You also have to take care of the millions of email filters out there to get your messages passed. And you’ll need to take care that your website won’t get listed on the many spam sites on the Net. Once you’re on there, it’s a pain in the butt to get off.
  3. Use a respectable email autoresponder service.

    There are plenty of these services available. I’ve used three of them in the passed, but I stuck to Aweber as they have the best service and features available in my opinion.
    Their support is great, their delivery rates are amongst the highest available and, besides the many features they offer, they also supply a tremendous knowledge base that you can refer to for all your email marketing questions.

    Check this out:

If you, like me, are going for Aweber, it’s important to know that they always use a confirmation system -also known as the double-opt in- before you can send any follow up emails. This implies that your subscribers have to confirm their subscription using a confirmation message that is sent before activating your email autoresponder.

Pricing with Aweber starts at $19/month, based on total number of subscribers you obtain. Aweber also offers an affiliate program, which I’m using here :-), so you can make money when you refer others to them.

You can try them out for 30 days for only $1,00. See what Aweber has to offer.
And make your email autoresponder your most effective marketing weapon.

Then tell me about your email autoresponder.
Do you use one and how?
Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Why An Email Autoresponder Is A MUST Have IM Weapon

  1. moving checklist says:

    The email responder software sounds like it can be applicable for a number of different industries and occupations. I’m thinking of pulling together a small press and a newsletter. This would be fantastic for any interested readers who want to be a part of it I think.

    Thanks for sharing! Hadn’t considered it.

  2. Ivan says:

    Yes l agree it is very important to have an email Autoresponder linked to your website or blog,l personally use Aweber,they offer a great service,and are very reliable

    It is important to keep in touch with your customer base, l usually send out a welcome series of emails once they sign up,then later on you can notify them that you have added new content to your website,or added a new post to your blog,or promote a product

    Best Regards

    Ivan http://www.findingaprofitableniche.com

  3. Jacob says:

    Hey, how is it going? . I totally enjoy aweber for my online business. I used to leave money on the table, but now I take full advantage of my customers and I give them great quality work in return of their email.

    Take Care


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