Does Willie Crawford has a Big Heart?

I think so, because Willie shares everything he knows in his new membership site The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

You can check out everything you get at that link above.

But, the real value is in the network.

I have landed some JV’s already and Willie himself often seeks help for all his projects. He even posts his own JV requests there! Do you realize how powerful that is? Willie has so much on his plate. He just can’t do it alone. Not enough time, not enough resources. So he shares.

With whom?

Well, that’s easy.
With the people HE knows and trusts. What better place to learn each other than in his own ‘Inner Circle’?

Team- (and net-)work is the way to go. It’s kind a logarithmic: with two you can perform as three, with three you can perform as five, and so on. It’s synergy!

Dr. Mani does the same.

He’s a heart surgeon who saves children with Congenital Heart Disease. He has a fund, raising money to help these children, but he just can’t do it alone!

That’s why he asks others to help him to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Defects and to raise funds to sponsor life-saving heart surgery for children from poor families suffering from congenital heart disease.
Here’s how you can help: Heart Kids Blogathon

On behalf of Dr. Mani and the children, Thank You!

Now that you’ve seen how powerful a network can be, check out the ‘Inner Circle’ and how this can help YOUR business.

Thank yourself for signing up right now! 🙂

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