Do You Make $100 A Day?

Wow, the pace is picking up. Things start moving fast at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

Willie came up with a great idea. He first published his idea as a question on the Warrior form:
Would You Be “Happy” With $100 Per Day?
Lots of warriors answered.

It resonated inside the ‘Inner Circle’ membership site where Willie announced it as an idea and lots of members were raving about it. So much, that it has been turned into a project:

‘Average’ People To Show Other ‘Average’ People How To Make $100 Daily Online While Working Part-Time From Their Homes.

We’re working on it right now. A strict time schedule was set to get everything ready in time.

The enthusiasm inside the membership is huge.

There are the more experienced internet marketers who share their resources. And there are the relative newer ones who pick them up fast.

Participation in a project like this will steepen their learning curve beyond imagination.
They get to see, from within, how a new information product is created at high speed following a strict schedule, how the buzz about it is build up, how a website is developed including payment processing, and how advertising, traffic generation and various ways of promotion are set in action.

A news release has been submitted to PRWeb and will be online tomorrow about the upcoming event.
You can download your copy here.

The teleseminar Willie did with Kelvin Brown last Monday was a huge success. If you’re still on the edge, you can listen to it now, completely free, no email address, no sign ups. Click the link and scroll down until you see The Art Of The JV Interview.

You can still join. If you think the one-time, LIFE-time membership fee is too high, there’s an easy payment plan as outlined on The Internet Marketing Inner Circle website.

Remember, the life-time membership fee is going up soon. It increases by $100 on September 24th at 9am CST.

Sign up now and join us.

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