3 Ways to Disconnect from the Internet and Take a Break

Holiday time!
The time of year lots of online marketers have difficulties to disconnect from the Internet.

I have my methods. First, I have to drive 2 days before reaching my destination. Once there, I refuse to have an Internet connection. That’s how I disconnect.
If necessary, I visit an Internet cafe, but I keep it within limits. That’s how I can enjoy my holidays.

In today’s guest post, Mariana Ashley, who writes for Online Colleges, shows 3 other ways to get disconnected from the Internet.

So, if you’re having troubles getting disconnected, listen up and enjoy!
Here goes.

Can’t Disconnect? 3 Ways to Learn Technology Self-Control as an Internet Marketer

You may have heard the admonishment about disconnecting from the Internet before, and you may think it may not apply to you. After all, your business IS the Internet, so why would you need to take a break from it.

Still, it’s important to understand that, even as someone whose life is spent on the Internet professionally, there’s value in taking a break from it all.


Because you can’t reasonably come up with better ideas for your business until you’ve gained some perspective.

Here are some good ways to “disconnect” without harming your business.

  1. When you’re on vacation, take a REAL vacation.
    Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is one someone goes on vacation and won’t just relax. I’ve noticed this to be a particular problem with my husband, and we’ve since worked out a deal.

    If we are on vacation, we take a vacation not just TO another destination but FROM all the stresses in our lives. This includes not bringing a laptop, and leaving the iPad and iPhone in the hotel room when we go out for the evening, and just generally making it a point to disconnect in order to enjoy each others’ company.

    disconnect from the Internet
  2. Pull out websites that you need for work, make them available offline, and disconnect the rest.
    Beyond vacation time, however, you may think that there’s just simply no way you can take a break from the Internet. Of course, it will be difficult, but there are little things you can do to control Internet use even during your work day.

    For example, say that you’re writing a blog post for your website, and you may need to reference a few other sites. Pull those sites up, make them available offline, and then disconnect your computer from the Internet. Not only will you avoid the temptation of surfing the web mindlessly, but you’ll get your work done more quickly, too!

  3. Control your impulse e-mail checking.
    As all of us Internet marketers know, the biggest time-suck in the industry is email checking. This is probably true of many other industries as well.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I know that email is important. I know you’ll likely get some urgent emails that require your attention NOW. But face it—most emails are either junk or they can wait.

    Set a limit on the number of times you check your email inbox. My limit currently is four per work day. I don’t check my email in the evening when the work day is done. It’s saved me time and stemmed a whole lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Of course, these tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to controlling rampant and unnecessary Internet use. There are tons of other ways to help bring some self-control into your personal and professional life.

The most important thing is that you realize first the need to change. If we can’t disconnect from the Internet every once in awhile, we’ll find it harder and harder to connect with the real world. Good luck!

Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer and blogger of accredited college news across multiple venues. Feel free to email Mariana at mariana.ashley031@gmail.com

How do you disconnect from the Internet?
Post your comments below.

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  1. Wayn says:

    This is so true! And with the emergence of smartphones, tablets, and fast mobile internet, it’s even harder to disconnect these days. The tips you shared are still applicable to today though and I think self-control pretty much sums up what internet marketers need to do to stay offline.



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